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    Support The Ladies! A fun event to support those with breast cancer.

    October 24 @ 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    This Saturday, who’s in?! We’re throwing this fun event to honor all the ladies who have/are kicking breast cancer in the skittles.

    Here’s how to be cool:

    1) Grab an old bra and go to town decorating it. Make it a family affair. Gather your gaggle of galpals and make it a “girls night” aka gluing googly eyes to your brassieres while slightly drunk on hard seltzer. Add big sunflowers, feathers, tassels, rhinestones. Bedazzle it ’til it can’t be bedazzled no mo’.

    2) Take that bra and march it on down to Amidst The Alders or Garden of Elin on Saturday, October 24th (this Saturday) to enter to win one of FIVE gift cards ranging from $25 to $200. Are you a survivor/fighter/warrior? You get entered to win THREE times for being a badass. Cue the confetti cannons! (Probably won’t have those bc they’re messy but we’ll hoop and holler and celebrate YOU!)

    Wear it on the outside of your shirt loud and proud. Too embarrassed? Life is too short to give two hoots (•)(•) what anyone else thinks.
    Hook it on your purse. Throw it over your shoulder like a constipated soldier. Wave it in the air like you just don’t care. Wear a tutu. Put on pink war paint. Fairy wings. Knee socks. Put glitter on your butt (what?) Wear a feather boa.
    Will we look like idiots? Probably. But happy idiots having a blast are the best kind of idiots- right? (Pro tip- incorporate your new masterpieced-Boobie-Jail in your Halloween costume the next weekend. #repurposed)

    30% of all purchases made by participants will be donated to The Tutu Project of The Carey Foundation. (If you’re in need of a laugh/restored faith in humanity, read up on them. My new favorite breast cancer charity.)

    I hope this event can encourage us all to join together in faith for a CURE. Let’s support the ladies! Two boobies, one boobie, no boobies – don’t matter. Let’s LIFT one another. We’re all HANGING in there together. We ain’t “saving the tatas!” We out here appreciating and celebrating the lives, the brains, the souls, the spirits of those who have fought the battle.

    I wasn’t sure if anyone else would appreciate this silly event like I have been while planning it, so I hesitated. Oh lort jeebus… don’t hesitate on your purpose. You’ll have a life lesson walk through your doors the moment you do. For me, it was a tiny two year old who walked in quietly with her mom and grandma. She stood and looked up at a dress form wearing a modest jacket, then pointed and let out a loud and clear, “BOOBIES!”
    “She’s obsessed…she just loves boobies…” her embarrassed grandma tried to explain.
    “Don’t we all…” I laughed as I happily continued designing the graphic for this post that I originally wasn’t sure I should… well… post.
    A tiny two year old taught me to live out my purpose loudly today with a simple word.



    October 24
    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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