Discover the best places to eat, upcoming events, favorite local beaches, shopping, favorite recipes & more around our beautiful Lowcountry Sea Islands with this local guide to Beaufort, SC!

Beaufort, South Carolina has a colorful soul…where the tides tell the time and days are full of sunshine & sweet tea. An enchanting place where evenings are spent chasing sunsets and exploring the stars on the beach. Set under a veil of Spanish moss, Beaufort is a place where cuisine comes straight from our local waterways and cocktails are served at every meal. Come and discover the Coastal colors of Beaufort.

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Shopping local + often are the way to go in Beaufort. Here you’ll find all you need to know about what sales are coming up along with the people behind the storefronts.

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Life with kids + family can be a juggling act, but thankfully there’s plenty around Beaufort to keep you all having fun and staying safe! Explore our favorite family-related happenings going on around the Sea Islands.

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