10 ways to have fun at Beaufort's Waterfront Park


henry chambers waterfront park

Beaufort’s beautiful downtown waterfront at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is one of the area’s most popular spots.  With an expansive seawall the length of a few city blocks, it allows everyone a chance to get close to the water. But there’s much more to downtown’s waterfront than just water. With a setting shaded with a variety of trees swaying in the sea breeze, the park provides a breathtaking view of the Beaufort River, the Woods Memorial Bridge, and even the McTeer Bridge off in the distance just past the legendary Beaufort Sandbar.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, fun with friends or with the kids, an outdoor adventure, a quiet work space or even on a quest to try and catch the big one, Beaufort’s downtown waterfront has everything to keep you coming back time and time again. Here’s some fun opportunities you can take advantage of…

henry chambers waterfront park

1.  Spend some time on the playground

Beaufort’s waterfront is great for families. With a fun and vibrant playground your little ones can enjoy the outdoors and play while making new friends. The spot offers tables for adults to take a load off their feet and bathrooms are right next door for those who wait until the last minute. The kids definitely won’t want to leave. Chances are, you won’t either.

henry chambers waterfront park2.  Pack up a picnic lunch

Grab a blanket and your iPod dock and pack up a picnic lunch. There’s plenty of greenspace to enjoy. Find a nice shady spot and enjoy a picnic on a nice day and relax while enjoying a nice sea breeze coming in off of the Atlantic Intra-Coastal Waterway.

3.  Go fishing

Grab your pole, some bait and your comfy camp chair and try your luck fishing off of the seawall. The Beaufort River contains a variety of fish species including trout and whiting along with sharks and other saltwater species. Lots of locals and visitors alike can be found casting a line into the water from the park.

4.  Get some exercise and enjoy a run or a nice walk

Beaufort’s waterfront is a beloved running destination featuring a scenic peaceful location. Run or walk past the water and the boats moored at the marina, past lines of palmetto trees and around a variety blooming flowering bushes. Take a detour and run over the pedestrian-friendly Woods Memorial Bridge and back for a different vantage point of the park from above. The park’s paved pathways and flat landscape make it a great spot for walkers and dogs, too.

henry chambers waterfront park5.  Visit one of the eateries along ‘restaurant row’

The park is lined with several fabulous locally owned restaurants each with their own specialties. Enjoy some outside dining at any one of 7 different spots and add some southern BBQ or some local seafood to your visit or even try some signature Lowcountry dishes or some ice cream.  All come complete with the perfect view.

chess6.  Play some sports or games

Beaufort’s waterfront sees its share of punts, passes and tackling and is sizable enough for almost any sport. On any given day you’ll see frisbees and footballs flying around and there’s even enough room for a good game of bocce. You can also calm it down a bit and play a board game or challenge a friend to a game of chess.

aerialshrimpfestpano7.  Enjoy an annual festival

Beaufort’s waterfront is home to many fun yearly community festivals including the Beaufort Shrimp Festival, A Taste of Beaufort, the Gullah Festival and the always much anticipated Beaufort Water Festival. Mark your calendars or keep up with our Event Calendar to see what’s coming.

8.  Relax the day away on a bench swing

Thanks to very thoughtful city planners, the Beaufort waterfront is the perfect place to go when one needs to find a different viewpoint, nurture a relationship, or to remember what it feels like to just sit still and be present in the moment. At any point during the day or evening, one can sit on the swings at the waterfront and enjoy the view of the Woods Memorial Bridge, the soft lapping of the Beaufort River against the seawall, the shore birds gliding across the water, and the boats peacefully making their way under the bridge.   Read more.

Photo courtesy Susan Trogdon
Photo courtesy Susan Trogdon

9.  See some local dolphins

Always a fun and welcomed sight. Beaufort’s coastal waters are home to numerous species but none as beloved as the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins are known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Many species will engage in play with each other, leap out of the water, and follow ships often synchronizing their movements with one another.

10. Move your office and get out of work for the day

Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is fully wired with a strong wifi signal that is offered free for public use. Grab your laptop and pick your spot and add some peace to your work day.  You might even end up getting more work done.


Yes….you can even ride a unicycle around the park, if you’ve got the talent.




Stay in-the-know about community events at downtown Beaufort’s Waterfront Park at our Event Calendar here.