5 Best Outdoor Spots To Workout in Beaufort

Beaufort has a huge variety of gyms and studios for you to workout in. You’ll find everything from a typical gym, such as Omni Health & Fitness, to a semi-private facility such as Celadon Club Wellness Center to niche studios like Balance Boutique Fitness. There’s a little something for everyone.

5 Best outside spots to work out in Beaufort

The special thing about our beloved city is that it offers so many great gym-free workout options also! All you need is just little bit of creativity. Check out my 5 favorite places to workout in Beaufort without having a gym membership.

Hunting Island State Park – Cardio and Strength

There is no shortage of workout options at Hunting Island State Park. You have a 3 miles of natural beach to walk, run or bike and you can stop along the way at the boneyard and incorporate it into your workout. Another great option is the Hunting Island Lighthouse which is about 12 ½ floors high. If you’re 150-lbs, you would burn approximately 6 calories for every minute of climbing stairs. Not only are you getting in your cardio and leg workout, you get to see an amazing part of Beaufort’s history! It’s well worth the $2 donation to get to the top.

Warm-up: Walk up Hunting Island Lighthouse at a moderate pace.

Tree Boneyard Workout Pyramid: Do a 1-10 pyramid. For example, you’ll do one of each, two of each, three of each, etc until you get to 10 of each and then work your way back down to one again. Time yourself and see how much faster you get each time! Then Tree hops, Push-ups with your hands on the ground or on a fallen tree, Hanging Leg raises and Knee-ins

Cool Down: Walk the beach for 20 minutes

There is no shortage of workout options at Hunting Island State Park.

Downtown’s Henry C. Chamber’s Waterfront Park – Cardio and Strength

Downtown’s beautiful Waterfront is definitely one of my favorite places to get a workout in. There’s so much activity going on that you can easily keep your mind off of all your hard work as you people watch. If you start over on the seawall by the playground and run straight down before the wall curves, it measures .20 miles and is the perfect distance to work in some sprints. You’ll also find plenty of spots to add in some strength training like the playground, swings and stone benches.

Warm-up: Walk the whole loop of the boardwalk.

Waterfront Wipeout Workout: Repeat 3 times: Sprint from the playground down the seawall and back again (.40 miles) then Stop at the stone bench closest to the Wood’s Bridge and do 30 mountain climbers, then Pull Ups at the playground (or just hang in pull up position for as long as you can) – 5, then Swing Bulgarian Split Squats – 10 each leg

Cool Down: Walk the boardwalk loop and then stop at one of the many restaurants for a healthy, post workout meal. Or if it’s a cheat day, stop by YoYo’s for a small portion of frozen yogurt.

Downtown’s beautiful waterfront is definitely a favorite spot to get in a workout.

Pigeon Point Park – Strength

Pigeon Point Park is an amazing local spot to burn some calories. You’re surrounded by all of the live Oaks and beautiful hanging Spanish moss. This playground is unique which gives you even more options for a creative workout.

Warm-Up: Walk 5 laps around the park Playground

Pick-Me- Up Workout: Do 3 sets of Bodyweight Rows – 15, Step-Ups – 10 each leg, Bench Push-Ups – 8, then run a lap around the park

Cool Down: Walk 5 laps around the park.

Pigeon Point Park is an amazing local spot to burn some calories.

Spanish Moss Trail – Cardio

The Spanish Moss Trail will boast 11 miles of paved trail by the end of this year and is the perfect spot for either an active rest day (meaning a leisurely bike ride) or an intense cardio workout. The best part is not only the scenery but the history along the way. You’ll see remains of the Magnolia Line Railroad, which was established in 1870 and ceased operation in 2003. To learn more about Spanish Moss Trail or to donate, visit them at www.spanishmosstrail.com

Spanish Moss Trail Workout: Bike ride at 10 miles per hour (11 miles). Doing this you could burn 400 calories or more an hour, depending on weight, height and gender. Want to burn more calories? Add in some sprints. Ride at a vigorous pace for 2 minutes, then moderate for 1 minute. Keep alternating until you’re done.

You’ll see lots of local beauty and history on your Spanish Moss Trail run.

The Sands in Port Royal – Quick High Intensity Cardio

Everyone has been to The Sands at one time or another. It’s a great place to walk off full bellies after eating at one of Port Royal’s 20+ amazing restaurants. Once you park, you can right walk over to the boardwalk, which measures out at .20 miles. At the end of the pier you’re greeted by a 4 story observation tower that overlooks Battery Creek and Parris Island. It may not sound like much but this is prime real estate for an intense cardio workout.

The Sweaty Sands Workout – Time yourself and keep track to see how much faster you get.

Warm Up: Walk the pier down and back.

Run the boardwalk (.20 miles) then run up one floor of stairs at the tower and stop to do 20 squats. Repeat for all four floors, then run back to the beginning of the pier (another .20 miles)

Cool Down: Walk the pier down and back. Have more time? Try completing this 3 times!

The boardwalk and tower at The Sands in Port Royal is another great place to get in a good workout.

Whether you’re new to exercising or an elite athlete, working out surrounded by the history and beauty of Beaufort can be quite inspiring. Next time you take your workout to the outdoors post a picture and tag #FITBeaufort and share it with us!

You never know who you may be inspiring.

By Amber Bonem