A Halloween band hop through Beaufort

By Mary Ellen Thompson | As we slide into November the temperature is going to drop on Saturday so get your hop on early and get out and about.

Thursday evening jump on into Breakwater Restaurant and Bar, as usual, for a taste of Vic Varner and Howard Paul from 7 – 9:30. Chefs Beth and Skye will cook up something delish for you while you enjoy the music.

Friday is dress up day – who will you be?

Costumes can be very freeing – you can be someone else for the evening so try it out; grab your alternate persona and your mask, put on your pretty and head on over to Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe where Fran will welcome you with open arms and you can sip and sup while the Sweetgrass Angels sing from 6 – 9.

But wait that’s not all – the costume party will be sure to attract all your favorite characters so pick your best you and hop on over. Round the corner a bit later and catch Vic Varner and quintet at Wined It Up between 8 and 11. Then hop on over to the Back Porch Grille for the Remnants between 7:30 and 10:30. Catch your breath, shake the cobwebs out from under your arms, let the bats in your belfry fly free and leap on out to the Foolish Frog for the finale to the evening with Everybody’s Favorite who will be playing from 7 – 11.

Saturday, feast your eyes on the food trucks at Artworks between 2 and 8 and eat to your hearts content because you will not be hopping in any of the usual haunts.

On Sunday – you know the drill – stroll to Saltus River Grill for Vic Varner and friends who will be playing between 7 and 9:30.

Enjoy. Be safe.Tip generously. Band Hop!

A Halloween band hop through Beaufort