A patriotic Independence Day 5K

By Shannon Roberts | Hurricane Arthur was actually a welcome guest at the Fripp Island Independence Day 5k on Thursday morning. Arthur provided perfect summer running conditions: a light 14 mph breeze, a sun-shielding cloud cover, and a topic of conversation. Almost 200 runners and walkers showed up for the 8am race start at the Fripp Island Beach Club, where Palmetto Running Company’s start chute prominently stood.

Rob Fyfe started them off, and the festive crowd turned right on Tarpon Boulevard, right again on Rock Beauty, and hung a left onto Dolphin Road, following to the turnaround point and back. Dolphin Road parallels the beach; the sea breezes cooled the runners, despite the high humidity.

An out and back course is always fun for a 5k, as the field of participants get to see each other along the way.A patriotic Independence Day 5K Many groups of families and friends of all ages and abilities participated together, and the camaraderie was evident in the coordinating patriotic outfits, high-fives, and cheering for one another as they passed.

Running a 5k while on vacation seems to be opposite of the rest and relaxation that is expected at the beach. However, those who participated said they looked forward to the run more than anything this week.

“Only some of us are runners, the other rest just wanted to come out and try out a 5k. It’s great to do it as a group; it’s fun and takes away the intimidation factor. It’s a fun thing to do on vacation because we are all here together. We’ve been excited about it all week.” said Johanna McCracken from West Virginia.

fripp5k2Kelley Johnstone of Louisville Kentucky said, “Last year was our first year, and everyone in our family got excited to come back to Fripp to participate in the 5k this year on our vacation. We have started an annual tradition and we plan to continue for years to come.”

Kelley’s 12-year old daughter Claire Johnstone chimed in, “I’m glad it’s over but it was fun to plan the outfits and get ready for it.”

The race went off without a hitch, and everyone had a sweaty good time. Race director Tim Price commented that he thought the weather may have scared a few folks off, but it actually turned out for the better due to the cloud cover and breezes.

For once I think we were briefly thankful for an Atlantic hurricane.

With regards and thoughts to our North Carolinian brethren, Happy 4th of July everyone!

A patriotic Independence Day 5K