A Rare and Stunning 'Unicorn Meteor Shower' Could Light Up the Lowcountry Tonight

For all of you stargazers…a rare and stunning “Unicorn Meteor Shower” could light up the Lowcountry tonight and #BeaufortSC is in the perfect spot for an amazing view!

Despite these uncertainties, one thing is known for sure: the meteors radiate from Monoceros, a faint constellation that is Greek for a unicorn and located just to the left of the well-known constellation Orion. Contrary to popular belief, shooting stars will be visible in much of the night sky, not just the area near the unicorn constellation, as long as clouds do not obscure the sky.

Onlookers throughout our South Carolina Sea Islands should start looking for shooting stars around 11 p.m. EST and continue looking through midnight for the best chance to see the potential meteor storm. It is not a guarantee that such an event will unfold, but two meteor scientists, Lyytinen and Jenniskens, say that there is a “good chance” that this will bring the first alpha Monocerotids meteor storm since 1995 when it produced rates of around 400 meteors per hour.

If you are able to capture some photos or video, please share it with us on our Facebook page or via email at eatstayplaybeaufort@gmail.com.


For more information please visit The American Metor Society