All You Can Eat Night coming to The Chocolate Tree

The 35th annual ALL YOU CAN EAT NIGHT at Beaufort’s favorite candy store is scheduled for Friday, August 30th.

Oh yes. The Chocolate Tree has announced that it’s annual All You Can Eat Night is coming in August. The tasty Beaufort tradition, its origin has a story, as do most things in small towns. On a hot August day in the 1980′s, Pat Green, the original owner of The Chocolate Tree, was struggling to pay her electric bill.  With the mid-August heat in Beaufort, she knew that if she didn’t come up with something then all of her delicious chocolates would turn to soup.  So, she invited some of her closest friends into the shop for a private party, allowing them to eat as much of the goodies as they wished for one price.

The all-you-can-eat night at The Chocolate Tree has been going strong ever since and it’s turned into a popular social event that usually offers up a steady scene of shoulder-to-shoulder chocolate lovers. Many of the patrons who attend this gala return year after year and can be seen sporting their commemorative t-shirts from years past.

Updating the original event, they’ve since added chocolate and peanut brittle-making demonstrations and more. The store pulls it all off by offering two different sessions; one from 6:30-8: 15 pm, and another from 8:30-10: 15 pm.

According to part-owner Gene Green, it takes the store 3 weeks to prepare for the event.  “We go through roughly 500lbs of sugar, 250lbs of corn syrup and 400lbs of chocolate to make sure there’s enough to go around,” he said.

Milk and water are also sold at the event because you’ll definitely need something to wash down all that chocolate. It’s safe to say that if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this party.




 All You Can Eat Night at The Chocolate Tree packed in scores of local chocolate lovers. (ESPB photo)