A short weekend band hop

By Mary Ellen Thompson | The pickings are kind of slim for band hopping this weekend, and in a few more weeks the hops will hibernate until we spring forward and see the longer light of day.

So, get on out tonight and hop on into Breakwater Restaurant and Bar to hear Vic Varner and Thom Chambers from 7 until 9:30, and/or head on over to USCB Center for the Arts and catch the show with Gary Ainslie at 7:30.

Friday’s hop begins, as usual, at Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe with the always entertaining Kirk Dempsey and the Bull Grapes starting at 6 and continuing until 9. A skip and a jump will land you listening to Walker Unplugged at the Back Porch Grille from 7:30 to 10:30. Be sure to make the leap on out to the Foolish Frog in the bustling metropolis of Frogmore for those guys you always like because they “love to play the music that you like hear” – the Sometimes Later Band between 7 and 11.

Saturday night you are going to have to hop to your own tune because there is nothing on my calendar for Saturday.

Sunday’s stroll should find you at Saltus River Grill listening to Vic Varner and Friends from 6:30 until  9.

Enjoy. Be safe. Tip generously. Band Hop!

A short weekend band hop