Snow in Beaufort: A winter wonderland

The forecast called for snow. And snow is exactly what we’re getting on a winter Wednesday here in Beaufort.

After a morning of freezing rain and ice the snow started falling around 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon. And as of the late afternoon it still hadn’t completely stopped until around 5:15pm.

With a high temperature of only 40° on Thursday and 39° on both Friday and Saturday…most of it will most likely stick around for a few days.

Beaufort’s main bridges were closed around 8am due to ice accumulation but after work crews did their thing, a few of them reopened again before the snow fell.

Folks from all over the area are enjoying the day with snowball fights, some creative sled riding, snow angels and just plain ol’ winter fun everywhere you turn.

It hasn’t snowed this much in Beaufort in over 20 years, with the last major accumulation way back on Christmas of 1989. This is the first snow ever seen for lots of locals.

The forecast originally called for 2 to 3 inches, but as the afternoon went on something told us that we got more than that.

The actual total was around 4 inches, in what will be remembered as ‘the snow storm of 2018.’

Enjoy some aerial video over downtown Beaufort taken by Wyatt Glass


Enjoy some sights and scenes of the winter wonderland around Beaufort. For hundreds more photos sent in by folks from around our community, visit our Facebook page.

Photo courtesy Phil Heim Photo by Laura Fanelli Photo by Ashleigh Williams Photo by Monya Burlson Photo by Rachael Millard Photo by Jon Rhoden Photo by Kathy Thomas Photo by Laura Alanis Photo by Rebekah Brown Photo by Angela Breen Photo by Jessica Thompson Photo by Paul Forbes