Candice sings again tonight as Beaufort prepares for parade and concert

This is it. It’s up to you.  Tonight could not be any bigger.  It’s crucial. The votes could not be any more important. They’re critical. Candice Glover continues to wow fans across the country on her way to the top on American Idol and will again sing for your votes on the two-hour episode beginning tonight at 8pm on Fox, as the Top 4 contestants will (again) be performing two songs each, including ‘popular standards of days gone by’ and ‘hit songs from 2013′.

Tonight on the show, Candice will perform “You’ve Changed”, a classic written in 1941 and covered by everyone from Marvin Gaye, to Etta James.  Candice will also perform  Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”.

It should be another stellar performance from St. Helena’s favorite girl.  Be a part of making HER dream come true.

After the performance, don’t forget to vote.  Vote online, on your phone and any way you can.  We have reports of people being able to vote a total of 400+ times in the allotted two hour voting-window by hitting re-dial repeatedly from 10pm through midnight.  It’s so important that everyone cast as many votes as possible.

The results show will be from 8 to 9 pm on Thursday. If Candice gets enough votes, she is in the TOP 3, and BEAUFORT GETS AN AMERICAN IDOL HOMETOWN HERO VISIT, complete with parade and concert, this upcoming Saturday!
Let’s go Candice!

Parade and Concert

After meeting Tuesday evening, Beaufort City Council approved street closures for Candice Glover’s parade and concert in downtown Beaufort in the event that she makes the TOP 3 on the show.

Candice sings again tonight as Beaufort prepares for parade and concert
Candice performs on American Idol, April 17th. (Photo AI)

Tentative plans call for a stage to be constructed at Charles and Bay Streets for the concert, which would be held after a parade this Saturday at either 6 or 7pm. The parade would be at 4 or 5pm. Again, plans are tentative.

Estimated crowd size is from 10,000 to 20,000.  That’s A LOT of people in that spot in downtown.  Extra police presence would be required, and the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce is looking for a way to shuttle people into downtown to help ease the parking woes.

Reports further state that even if Candice doesn’t make the Top 3, a Welcome Home concert or another event will be held this Saturday, or at a later date.

(For more on the city’s plans, visit The Beaufort Gazette online.)


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