Cats are royalty at Beaufort County's new Tabby House adoption center

The Beaufort County Animal Shelter’s new Tabby House cat adoption center is a place where cats are king.  Tabby House provides adoptable kittens and cats in a friendly and inviting environment with a knowledgable all-volunteer staff.   Looking to spur cat adoptions in the Beaufort area where cat overpopulation is a problem this year, the adoption center provides a place where people can leisurely interact and play with the cats and makes adoption a friendly, easy and increasingly popular experience.

Opened just over a week ago, the spacious adoption center provides it’s feline tenants with a variety of play-things.  There are castles to climb, and a fountain to drink from along with the luxury of separate ‘bathrooms’, in addition to a donated large screen television to keep a watchful eye on those pesky goldfish and squirrels.  (both reels played out during our visit to the center) 

Our visit to Tabby House allowed us the opportunity to enjoy some playtime with the cats and kittens, and gave us time to understand just what is trying to be achieved within its walls.  It’s all about helping to find these animals a forever home. 

Chairs and sofas fill the floor with enough comfort to go around for both human and feline, and the interior is finished nicely with murals painted on the walls by local artist Kay Owens.  All-in-all, it’s a very friendly, warm, and inviting environment.

Approximately 20 cats will be housed at Tabby House at any given time and a thrift store is also planned for the space next door, with its proceeds helping to pay for the adoption center.  County officials say no public money will be used to support the space, which they hope will raise awareness about the animal shelter’s activities and boost the amount of adoptions.

Tabby House is simply a must-visit for any cat lover.  If you can adopt a cat or a kitten, please consider doing so.

Tabby House is located in Beaufort Town Center, 2127 Boundary Street.  For more information, please visit Beaufort County Animal Shelter and Control.