That's not fairy dust: Combat Beaufort's pollen with local honey

It’s that time of year again in our beautiful Beaufort: pollen season. The azaleas are beginning to bloom, honeysuckle aroma wafts on the gentle breezes, and the birds are returning from further south.

And that’s not all.

Yellow dust coats our cars lines puddles with a golden ring, and gives allergy sufferers cases of sniffles and migraines.

Nobody wants to enjoy the gorgeous oak trees, beaches, or historic sites when they’re too busy sneezing to snap a picture. Some of us have already stocked up on allergy medication in anticipation, but if you’re like me, they tend to make you want to take an extra long afternoon nap.

beaufort pollen


Fortunately, there’s a better way to beat the bees. The solution is incredibly simple . . . and sweet — local honey.

Here’s the science of how honey works to fight your allergies: when you experience allergy symptoms, that’s your histamines reacting to allergens, things like pollen, pet dander, and dust. Allergy medications deliver antihistamines, which prevent the reaction from taking place. Local honey – made by local bees that pollinate local flowers – contains the same pollen that makes our histamines react badly.

So what does this really mean?

You’re basically giving yourself a vaccine with honey.

Local honey at the Port Royal Farmers Market Photo by Susan Clark

I know some people who mix it into their tea or coffee as a sweetener, some who will put it on toast, and some – like me – who just take a spoonful straight out of the jar. And let me tell you, it has done some wonders.

I’m one of those people who sneezes non-stop, gets itchy, watery eyes, can hardly breathe, has swollen sinuses, and generally just does not feel like functioning. I used to take allergy medications all the time, but they always made me tired and wore off way too quickly for my taste. A coworker told me about local honey, and this year I finally tried it. I couldn’t feel the difference at first, but the next day, I didn’t feel the need to take any medication.

Pretty sweet deal for visiting the Farmer’s Market.

For those of us who are often spending time outside playing sports or running, or even just trying to get healthier in 2017, local honey for allergy symptoms is a great thing to try. It’s pretty … sweet.

Find local honey at the Port Royal Farmers Market every Saturday morning, and also over at Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe in downtown Beaufort.

Story by Alyse Bingham