Four Reasons to Shop Local Art & Where to Buy!

Beaufort is an artist’s haven – between the natural elements and endless inspiration we can find seemingly around every corner, it’s no wonder artists flock here in spades. 

Featured at Beaufort Art Association

It can also be said that Beaufort’s unofficial motto is “Shop Local” – a quick stroll down Bay Street will only send that message home even further. And while you’re on Bay, stop by the Beaufort Art Association, and explore the creations of over fifty local artists. 

If you’re wondering what to get the person who has everything this season, or perhaps want to fill your home with a taste of the Lowcountry, here’s five reasons why you should shop local art: 

Specific to Home

Featured at Beaufort Art Association

Something I love most about the local art is how it captures the local spirit. If you Google Beaufort, you might come across photos of the Woods Memorial Bridge, the Castle or the oaks with Spanish moss. But what about the artist who captures the beauty of Hunting Island Beach in the morning, or a creator who used local shells to make a sculpture? Now, that’s not something you can pick up at Homegoods. 

Cultural Significance

Featured at Beaufort Art Association

Beaufort’s culture and history runs deep. When an artist is able to depict it in a way both locals and visitors alike can appreciate, it makes art that much more accessible and enjoyable. 

It Makes the Perfect Gift

Featured at Beaufort Art Association

We all know the guy who has everything – and I bet that guy also has a favorite spot or pastime here in town. Now, how about getting something reflective of that? While a new pair of socks has its benefits, a piece of art illustrating someone’s beloved haunt or jaunt might come across a *tad* more thoughtful. 

The Customer Service Is Unmatched

Featured at Beaufort Art Association

We all know the difference between someone who’s selling something because it’s their job versus someone who’s selling something that’s their passion. You don’t have to walk into a gallery knowing everything – there are experts for that!

There is a bigger picture as to why we should shop local and support our neighborhood artists. The bottom line is that it’s an investment in our own home, a way to back those who found a way to express the soul of our area through a physical medium. 

Here’s where you can shop local art around Beaufort: