From the Home Oven: Beaufort's Cookies by Charlotte

Everyone loves cookies.  Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pecan sandies; the list just goes on and on.  There’s one local Beaufort business that has taken the simple cookie to a whole new level.  You’ll see them at local festivals, on the web, and at local fundraisers too.  We’re talking about Charlotte Brantley’s Cookies by Charlotte.

Started six years ago, Cookies by Charlotte is now a fixture in Beaufort.  Baking from home is only a bonus for the business owner and Beaufort-native, mother to a 6 year old and an infant.  “When I opened, my son was just turning one and I wanted everything for his partyCharlotte Brantley can get you cookies for nearly any reason! to match a theme.  I looked online and found cookies and knew I had to have them. The only problem was there’s not anyone locally who makes them, so I decided to make them myself”, Charlotte said.

Coming from a family of experienced baking enthusiasts, it seemed quite natural to her.  “My mom and sister have made cakes for years, so I had that taken care of”, she said.

After her son’s party, she began having family and friends asking her to make some cookies for a birthday and a baby shower.  “Within a few months I was receiving phone calls weekly and that’s when I realized that there was a true market and a need Cookies for the 56th Annual Beaufort Water Festivalin the Beaufort area for this type of business”, Charlotte said.  That’s when she tossed aside her passions for boating, fishing, and all of the regular stuff, and got really serious.

Since then, in just 6 years, Brantley and her Cookies by Charlotte has made thousands of cookies for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, local Beaufort events and more.  They’re shipping all over the country and have even shipped internationally too.

Offering a local feel on decorated sugar cookies, Cookies by Charlotte has produced crab-designed cookies in honor of the Port Royal Soft Shell Crab Festival, Beaufort Water Festival, various local fundraisers and for our schools.  They even decorate them with business logos, making great gifts for clients or customers. (yes, we have ESPB cookies)  You can get your cookies on a platter, individually or in a bouquet arrangement.

Check out Cookies by Charlotte for cakes and cookies for any occasion.  View some of her unique designs here
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Keep it local, Beaufort.  (And keep your eye out for Eat Sleep Play Beaufort cookies too.)

From the Home Oven: Beaufort's Cookies by Charlotte