Happy Days for HELP

By Catherine Pardue:  |   Dancing Across the Decades is coming. On May 5th, The Arsenal on 713 Craven Street, in downtown Beaufort, SC, will be rocking. Disc Jockey Steve Curless will have you dancing the Cha Cha Slide, scooting through the Cupid Shuffle, and shagging to music from across the decades to assist HELP of Beaufort in raising funds for emergency services.

Food, beer, and wine are included as part of the ticket price of $40 per person or $75 per couple. Door prizes will be awarded. Credit cards will be accepted at the door for tickets and auction purchases. Tickets can also be purchased online at helpofbeaufort.org. Other ticket outlets are Bay Street Jewelers, Blackstones, and TS Carriage Tours. So get ready for an evening of fun on May 5th. Put on your poodle skirts, tie-dye those t-shirts, roll up those sleeves and pop into those jeans to join us for a night of dancing at the Arsenal from 6 to 10 p.m.

Our sponsors, vincoatms, Pepsi, Lori Bogda, Southern Tree Services, and Coca Cola are behind our efforts to raise money to help those of Beaufort County in times of crisis and emergency. HELP of Beaufort is the oldest and largest of the nonprofit, faith-based organizations in Beaufort County. We depend on support from throughout the county. Last year, during the months of October through December, the shelves of our pantry were almost empty. With residents of our county coming in for help with food, this was not a good situation. Therefore, there is the need to supplement the funds that come in from individual donors, grants, the United Way, local churches and ministries.

It takes about $100,000 each year to meet emergency needs in our county that extends from Pritchardville to Beaufort, Yemassee to Seabrook, Lady’s Island to Fripp Island, and Hilton Head to Port Royal. The needs of those in our county range from residents needing clothing for children, adults and seniors; to those who are finding themselves homeless and needing food. With many parents finding it hard to find work, they come seeking food. Others are having trouble paying utility bills with rising costs. Some homeowners need help with rent or mortgage payments. Funds are also available to those needing home heating fuels, temporary shelter and medications.

HELP of Beaufort encompasses HELP Mobile Meals. Beth Moon, director of Mobile Meals, works closely with social workers at Beaufort Memorial Hospital to fund food and coordinate deliveries of meals to those who are ill and/or disabled. These folks are unable to obtain meals through other means. In 2011 over 16,700 meals were delivered in our county by 33 volunteers.

The HELP House, located on 1910 Baggett St., behind the Piggly Wiggly on Boundary Street, is where over 5,000 people came last year for free clothing. Beaufort County residents have been generous in donating clothing. In order to shop, a person needs a picture identification card and a social security number or another identifying number.

For food, medication, assistance with utility bills, rent, or mortgage; a resident needs to obtain a Referral Form from the Beaufort County Department of Social Services. Please contact our interviewer at 843-524-1223 to ask about the documents needed. Like other nonprofits, HELP of Beaufort uses the database, Charity Tracker. This database helps our volunteers ensure that the services that are provided are not being abused. HELP of Beaufort is open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We are closed on major holidays. The HELP House is located in Beaufort, on 1910 Baggett Street, behind the Piggly Wiggly on Boundary Street.

HELP of Beaufort has a very active and dedicated Board of Directors.