Lowcountry Life: Hunting Serenity

By Cindy Reid – In our overloaded days it can be hard to find a moment of serenity, that necessary breathing room between the phone calls and the emails and the to do lists. The background scenery of our life here is unparalleled beauty and it is easy to stop seeing it, to stop bothering with the tourist stuff.

The older I get the more I like the beach in the fall.  I highly recommend it.  Summer’s harsh heat is gone as are the crowds.  No more waiting to get in and the parking is easy.  There’s no need to bother with the clumsy beach bag stuffed with towels and sunscreen.  All you need is a sweatshirt and something to sit on, preferably an old aluminum folding chair, the kind with the webbing.  They just suit the mood better than a fancy camp chair with foot rests and side tables.

If you are lucky some surfers will be around doing their best with our relatively small waves.  Bring your dog, or borrow one,they enjoy the cooler temperatures too and their enthusiasm is inspiring.

I like to stroll along and look for sharks teeth.  I haven’t found one in five years of looking but I feel sure I will someday.

Or not.

I’m not worried about it because what I really want is always found at the beach in autumn.

Breathing room.

Photo by Cindy Reid