It's time to band hop, Water Festival style

By Mary Ellen Thompson | Bracketing a very busy weekend with the upcoming week of Water Festival activities, we’re going to stroll on Thursday and Sunday this weekend so we don’t wear ourselves out with all the fun to be had during the week. 

Begin your anticipation of the weekend at Breakwater Restaurant and Bar this evening for the always impressive Mr. Vic Varner who will delight you between 6:30 and 9. 

Friday holds lots of promise for hopping beginning at Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe where you will enjoy Kirk Dempsey and the Bull Grapes between 6 and 9. Breeze through the Water Festival or not – and head on over to the Back Porch Grill to dance to the tunes of the Warsaw Island Boys between 7:30 and 10:30. And then slide on out to the Foolish Frog for Vic Varner from 7 – 11:00. 

If you’re on the other side of town, and you want to enjoy your evening in that neck of the woods then be sure to check out Young Musicians Night at the Spaghetti Club in Habersham starting at 6 on Friday evening.

Saturday has some great non-WF entertainment going on. Amber and the Fossils will be playing at the Back Porch Grill from 7:30 – 10:30; if you haven’t heard them yet – be sure to get yourselves over there! And the Sometimes Later Band will take Frogmore by storm with their arsenal of songs that you like to hear between 7 and 11. You’ll be sure to find lots of entertainment downtown’s establishments on Saturday, too.

On the Sunday stroll, the popular Vic Varner and Friends will take their usual spot for your enjoyment at the Saltus River Grill between 6:30 and 9:30.

Enjoy. Be safe. Tip Generously. Band Hop.

Amber & the Fossils  Photo ESPB/Christina Bland