Lazy Susan's Cafe & Creperie bids farewell to Habersham

Our friends at Lazy Susan’s Cafe & Creperie are putting things on hold for awhile while they embark on some exciting new adventures. Be sure to mark your calendars for their going away party on April 20th.

The time has come for Lazy Susan’s Cafe & Creperie to move on says the business owner, Capt Phil “SUSAN” Goebel.

It’s been an awesome 5 years as a part of the Habersham and Beaufort community and we will greatly miss the wonderful support and welcoming people. I’d like to especially thank our amazing staff who have held the fort through 2 deployments, countless detachments, multiple work-ups, and a full year of me living in North Carolina. They have been the foundation and personality of our business and are the core reason for our continued success; I could not have asked for a better staff. It’s been a privilege to work with so many awesome Marine Corps wives. This will be our last weekend with our final day on March 31st. Be sure to mark your calendars for our going away party on April 20th at 2pm; and yes, there will be a piñata. On behalf on the Lazy Susan’s team, thank you again for the fantastic support and we hope to see you before we go.

Until next time,
Capt Phil “SUSAN” Goebel