Local art students pay tribute to childhood cancer victim Alex Arrieta

Alex Arrieta packed a lot of life and love into his ten short years on earth. While fighting his own battle with acute myeloid leukemia, he created Lambs for Life to help comfort other children undergoing cancer treatment.

The public and the community are encouraged to attend an event at noon today where a very special piece of art will be set in place to commemorate and pay tribute to childhood cancer victim, Alex Arrieta. The sculpture was created by his friends to honor Alex’s life, his vision and the impact he had on our community and world. The event will be led by Congressman Joe Cunningham while one of Alex’s friends will read a special letter written by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

The heartfelt soccer ball sculpture was created by May River High School’s welding class led by instructor Brad Childress. The students have been working on this heartfelt piece for over a year as a tribute to their special friend. The 5 ft, 500 lb. carbon steel sculpture along with 2 benches will be installed at the entrance of Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts for all to honor and enjoy.

‘Everyone can change the world!’ ~ Alex Arrieta, Age 10

In memory of Alex, Lambs for Life continues to deliver Lamby Packs to children suffering from cancer to make their hospital stay a little more comfortable. Lambs for Life was inspired by “Lamby”, his beloved stuffed lamb that had been with him since birth.

Lambs for Life is working with Congress and the White House to bring focus, funding, and solutions to childhood cancer. The organization has also embarked on a mission to create a separate classification for childhood cancers. Currently, childhood cancer is a subset of adult cancer with little funding for the treatment of cancers that are virtually exclusive to children.

Photos courtesy of Lambs for Life website & facebook page.


READ & UNDERSTAND THE FACTS (Source: http://lambsforlife.org)

Childhood Cancer kills more children each year than ALL other diseases combined

Over 90% of childhood cancers are never seen in the adult population

60,000+ children in cancer treatment today in the USA

15,000+ more children will be diagnosed this year

1 in 5 will not survive

Of the survivors, over 65% will develop chronic health conditions

43% of those will be life-threatening or disabling

6 years old is the average age of diagnosis

34% of survivors will die within 30 years – approx age 36

35% Increase in rate of incidence since 1975

Only 4% of federal cancer budget is for ALL childhood cancers

Only 1% of American Cancer Society funding is for ALL childhood cancers

Only 1% of cancer drugs approved by FDA are for childhood cancers

Only 2 childhood cancer drugs have been developed since 1975 compared to 15 prostate cancer drugs in same period

Kids Are NOT Small Adults

Cancer reacts differently in the developing body of small children

Cancer drugs react differently in the small developing bodies of children


To learn more about Alex, Lambs for Life and how you can please help visit http://lambsforlife.org