Local music community comes together for one of their own

By Susan Clark |  A benefit memorial fundraiser for musician Clayton Fier was held at the Live Oaks park in Port Royal all day Saturday. Local bands such as The Groovetones, North Star, and Snazzy Red were a part of the eight band lineup. Fier’s daugher’s, Stephanie and Mariah, performed earlier on in the afternoon with Snazzy Red as a part of honoring their father. Tim Colleran, organizer of the music and a member ofSnazzy Red, explained that when Fier passed, all the musicians came together and a benefit was planned to help pay for funeral expenses.  “Most of the musicians here have, over the years, played with Clayton,” Colleran said. “He was a popular guy.”

Not only was there a large music line-up but their was also an enormous amount of food. Numerous pots of Frogmore Stew and many containers of BBQ were offered to attendees, free of charge. Donations were accepted, and a raffle and silent auction were also held during the eleven hour event.  Its hard to say how many people attended the benefit, but its safe to say it was a very large number.

“I’m very pleased with the crowd. I think we did good,” Colleran said. However, I don’t believe anyone was more pleased than the Fier girls.
“We had awesome support from the community. It’s pretty overwhelming,” Stephanie said.
“I could never have imagined how many people cared for my dad. He was a wonderful musician and best friend to everyone he met. Stephanie and I have no words that could thank everyone,” Mariah said.

All proceeds will go towards funeral expenses and other family needs.