Making Home Improvements? Read BCSO's "SCAM PROOF" Guide First

Far too often, local homeowners and renters are targeted by unscrupulous contractors who require upfront payment for home improvement projects that are never started or left unfinished.

Don’t let your hopes of home buying wash away in the sand.

When the victims of these scams — some of whom have lost thousands of dollars — report these incidents to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, they are often surprised, and understandably frustrated, to learn their complaints are typically not criminal matters but rather civil ones that must be settled through the courts.

In an effort to help Beaufort County residents better protect themselves against home improvement swindles, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office has published the digital guide “SCAM PROOF.” We urge you to read and share these tips with neighbors, loved ones or anyone looking to hire outside help for home repairs, renovations or other construction services.

To access the “SCAM PROOF” publication, please click here.

Sheriff P.J. Tanner and the men and women of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office appreciate your continued commitment to the safety of our community.

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