Meet Aiko: Pet Friendly Beaufort's Pet of the Month for April 2013

Every month, Pet Friendly Beaufort selects a Pet of the Month through a contest on it’s Facebook Page and then profiles each winner…right here!  Congratulations to Erika Bramer and her best friend Aiko, winners for April 2013.  Meet Aiko…

Full name: Aiko Bramer
Breed: Yorkshire terrier
Age: 4, birthday July 17

Favorite Toy: Aiko does not care for toys. He instead will play fight your hand to the death.

Favorite Treat: His favorite treats are Milk-Bone Trail Mix and on a rarity, Bacon that my husband will sneak to him. He’s even got the word bacon memorized.

How does Aiko like to spend his time: He likes to spend his time keeping guard of the house and barking at anyone passing by. He also loves to follow anyone around from room to room.

What is Aiko’s avorite thing to do: He absolutely loves to go on car rides and hang his head out the window. He also enjoys his walks at the waterfront park going from person to person for attention.

Do you have a special story about Aiko?
When Aiko was a puppy he was black as night with small brown spots on his feet and ears. When it came time to take him out to potty we would tie a very small lantern or glow stick onto his collar so he could easily be found. For in the house we would put a cat collar on him with a bell attached so we could find him inside. He has since grown into a big boy collar and as you see, he has really lightened in color.

Congrats to Aiko!