New Studio Fitness and Nutrition turning heads in Uptown

New Studio Fitness and Nutrition turning heads in Uptown

Uptown Beaufort’s new The Studio Fitness and Nutrition is a newer concept in fitness. Located at  1304 Boundary Street, there’s quite a lot going on in this little building.  The Studio is a fitness studio focusing on instructional classes BUT also offer extras, such as Massage Therapy with Cheryl Smith, LMT and Consultation Visits with Shelly Hudson, Health Coach, RN, BSN. The variety at The Studio is what makes it such a special and “all-around” experience in all aspects of health.

“Massage Therapy is a very important part of staying healthy and well. It’s not considered a luxury anymore, but more a benefit to your health. Diet, exercise and the right frame of mind are key when staying healthy and fit”, says owner Kellie Langan. “Meeting with a Health Coach will help you become knowledgeable about the foods you are eating and why you are eating them.  It can and will transform your life. Why not make your life a happier and healthier one to live?”

The Studio invites you into the least intimidating of atmospheres and offers fun, fitness and nutrition, and they really try to have it all. This is a place for people of any age to come have fun and work out at their own pace. Whether your pace is fast or slow , they have got you covered. Maybe you just want to stay active and take one of the many fitness classes offered, sign up for a feature class such as Ballroom Dancing or Shag Dancing, or you can really step things up and sign up for the Boot Camp Class, Spin-It Indoor Cycle or work with a Personal Trainer. All classes can be offered private and Personal Training can be done one on one, or bring a friend or two for fun and also a more cost-effective workout. The Studio offers a unique atmosphere so you can stay focused or just simply stay active, but either way, you are always having fun while staying fit!

“Our clients and members run this studio and make it what it is.  We are here to give them  what they want, plain and simple”, said owner Kellie S. Langan.

The Studio’s menu of services includes:


*Spin-It Indoor Cycle Class

*Mommy and Me

*Mat Pilates

*Hip Hop Fitness


(Cardio, Strength Training

and Gentle Yoga)

*Running Club

*Health Coaching

*Massage Therapy

*Ballroom Dancing

*Belly Dancing

*Personal Training

*Gentle Yoga

If you’re looking for something less-intimidating, fun, and a great overall atmosphere, check out The Studio…