Oscar Mayer weinermobile in Beaufort this weekend

In an effort to promote and increase awareness of Oscar Mayer’s new Select line of deli meats, their Wienermobile, “Big Bun” was on display in front of Bi-Lo on Boundary St. on Saturday and will be on display again tomorrow at the Bi-Lo location on Parris Island Gateway also from 10am to 4pm.

“Big Bun” is piloted by Anggela Pimentel, AKA Anggie Dogg, and Eliot Pattee, AKA Delia Eliot.  As part of the fun they are giving away wiener whistles, silly bands, and $1 off coupons for the Selects line.  They are also taking digital photos for all who want them, and the pictures can be texted or emailed so that it can be easily uploaded to any social media outlet of the persons choosing.

This bus is assigned to the Southeast District and tours all over the area promoting the Oscar Mayer Product lines.  The Wienermobile will only be Beaufort through Sunday and then will be heading off to Nashville on Monday.  In general, this is a rare treat as “Big Bun” may only visit the Lowcountry area once every year or so, and then it generally visits different towns each time.

Oscar Mayer has been touring the country with its Wienermobile since the 1930’s and was then referred to as a “Wiener on Wheels.”  Since then there has been at least 11 different styles and all bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees it. 

Be sure to go check it out before it leaves the area, you may not have another chance for a long time.