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EatStayPlay Beaufort, LLC (“The Controllers”) collect personal data from individual users of this website, – this is collected through our newsletter when you sign up and is only used to send a newsletter monthly. Data (such as IP addresses) is also collected by Google Analytics to track the number of users, pages viewed, etc.. Certain elements of this data may constitute protected “personal data” as that term is defined in the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)*.

Social Media and Copyright

By submitting works to be featured on our website or social media pages, you sign an agreement that gives the site a license to use the work. In these cases, the license is given without payment. EatStayPlay Beaufort, LLC  does not own the work that has been posted on their site; the copyright is still retained by the owner.

General Data Protection Regulation FAQ

The following disclosures concerning The Controllers’ compliance with GDPR are presented for informational and compliance purposes only.  Nothing in these disclosures constitutes a representation that any particular data or service is governed or subject to GDPR, nor do these disclosures represent or constitute any contract or undertaking with any individual.

Effective Date of GDPR
GDPR took effect on May 25, 2018.    The Controllers will comply with GDPR to the extent applicable.

Utilization of Data
The Controllers utilize personal data including the information provided by you during usage of the website and submission of forms.  The Controllers process this data to send you information electronically or physically that you request.

The Basis for the Processing of Data
The Controllers may seek your consent to send communications (marketing communications by newsletter) in certain cases which may be revoked by you at any time via email to or by clicking unsubscribe on the pertinent email communication.

Recipients of Personal Data

Recipients of personal data may include staff for physical mailing, email newsletters, technical providers of data storage, and back-end service providers.  All employees of The Controllers who receive or review personal data have received training concerning maintaining the confidentiality of such data and committed themselves to confidentiality.  Where appropriate, The Controllers will enter into written agreements governing the processing and confidentiality of personal data by third parties.

Storage of Data

The Controllers will retain data only as long as is necessary.

Your Rights Under GDPR

If the GDPR applies to retention of your personal data, you have several rights including (i) the right to request access, rectification or erasure of your data, (ii) the right to lodge a complaint with the appropriate European Union supervisory authority, and (iii) to the extent processing of data is based on consent, you have the right.