The Sands Beach: Where the Locals Go

The Sands Beach: Where the Locals Go

There’s a local favorite spot along the water in Port Royal that’s been drawing folks from all over the Beaufort area for years. The Sands has a certain allure that keeps you coming back again and again.


A spot where you’re likely to know the folks who are a few yards away from you, and there’s no competition vying for a slice of sand among and neighbors.

A small stretch of beach where you can bring your car along the side of you, or your pick-up truck, or that Jeep Wrangler with the top off (well, for most of the year anyway).   A place where you can truly relax, because you’re truly out of the way.

The Sands Beach.

Comb the beach and sift through the sand/shell mixture looking for sharks’ teeth, it’s a hotbed for them down there.  Anyone who’s grown up in the Beaufort area or who has taken the time to look around has been there scavenging for the shiny little black teeth, and it sure does make the young children happy when they find one.  Take a stroll along the boardwalk, it’s majestic.  Built around 1987, the boardwalk offers the perfect accompaniment to The Sands’ atmosphere and is a popular spot for fishing and crabbing.

Climb to the top of the observation tower, it’s a great view. Enjoy sunbathing, fishing, crabbing, or launching your boat from the boat ramp. Many a local has learned the art of throwing a cast net with The Sands as the backdrop.

The possibilities are endless when you visit The Sands. Pack a picnic and spend the day among the locals.

The Town of Port Royal has a gem in its midst and knows full well of its attraction and its importance.

The Sands is a location often showcased by the Town. Events are hosted there. Port Royal’s 4th of July Celebration is held there.  It’s amazing how one small spot could mean so much…to a town, and to so many.