South Carolina K-12 students will be learning from home for the remainder of the year

Beaufort County schools will stay closed for the remainder of the school year.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and state Education Superintendent Molly Spearman have decided to keep schools closed for the rest of the school year. Master praised the “remarkable” work of students and teachers over the past several weeks even after state officials moved to close schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He also said they encourage parents to find ways to hold graduation ceremonies.


Spearman and McMaster answered a number of questions from reporters in the room during the news conference, 

Here are some of the answers to those questions:

  • During the last two weeks of school, teachers and staff will be able to close out the school year as they normally do, while still social distancing. Spearman said there will be a great deal of flexibility.
  • As for graduation ceremonies, Spearman said districts have been sending her office plans on how they possibly could handle ceremonies because they are important to the students and families. No local decisions, however, have been sent out, yet.
  • More than 5 million meals have been served to students as of Wednesday, Spearman said.
  • As for picking up materials left at school, like personal items in classrooms, they’re working on an “organized way” to make sure people have their items.

In the next few days, Spearman said she’d be announcing a task force to decide how the school will be carried out in August.

“It has been a burden, it has been sad to see schools close, but it has been a joy to see everyone pull together,” she said. “I know that this has been stressful, but I thank you for what you’re doing.”

  • Spearman did address technology discrepancies in some school districts. She said there are still areas where families don’t have access to the internet and that makes it more difficult, but they are working to provide services for them.
  • She said 19 districts were able to fully go to the technology plan for students who had e-devices, some did a hybrid and some were not able to use technology and only used paper packets.
  • Spearman said the last day of school will stand for each district’s already established calendar.
  • As for grading, Spearman said they’ve sent out guidance. All of it is on their website – you can access that information HERE.
  • As for any possible furloughs or layoffs, Spearman said that will be decided by the General Assembly and by local school districts based on revenues and expenses.