Spotlight on Elvis: Pet Friendly Beaufort's Pet of the Month for February 2013

Spotlight on Elvis, Pet Friendly Beaufort’s Pet of the Monthfor February 2013

Full name: Mary Elvis is her official registered name but she goes by Elvis unless she’s in trouble.
Breed: Basset Hound
Age: 14 – Birthday is 2/6 (Happy Belated Birthday girl!)
Favorite Toy: At the moment the deer antler she recently found.
Favorite Treat: Pepperoni Pizza – but she only gets this on her birthday!

How does Elvis like to spend her time? (other than chillin on the beach)
Elvis is a retired therapy dog. She still loves to make guest appearances at special events. She was a volunteer at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Coastal Carolina Hospital as well as a frequent visitor at many Assisted Living Communities across our area and Alzheimer’s Day Programs. She is also a registered therapy dog through Therapy Dogs Inc. and she has her Canine Good Citizen’s title.

Elvis also enjoys lounging on the couch and watching Animal Planet on TV.

What is Elvis’s favorite thing to do?
She loves long walks and enjoys meeting new people – she has NEVER met a stranger. Elvis also loves to sing – she has favorite music that she will always bay along with. Her musical taste ranges from CSNY and Janis Joplin to DMB – depending on her mood. Favorite sing along is always Happy Birthday.

Do you have a special story about her?
Elvis has been in the business of bringing smiles to others through her therapy dog works since she was a puppy. We started visiting when she was a puppy and still all ears at an Assisted Living where her Grandparents lived. We don’t visit as much as we used to, it’s simply is too hard for her these days but she still brings smiles to everyone we meet, young and old alike.

This photo of Elvis has a special story behind it. A number of years ago, I took a vacation to Hawaii. At the time Elvis and I were daily visitors at an Assisted Living. One of our good friends there, Ms. Sally loved visiting with Elvis. When I got back from my trip I brought her photos from my Hawaiian adventure. She kept asking for the photos of Elvis in Hawaii and didn’t seem to comprehend that she had not taken the trip with me. So after several weeks of explaining this over and over, I finally took this photo, Elvis in Hawaii for her. It turned out to be a good shot and made her very happy.

Thank you to Elvis’ human, Janie Lackman for providing the information for this article.

Be on the lookout for March’s Pet of the Month Photo Contest, that will be starting soon! Be sure to enter…you never know who the Pet of the Month will be.