Sunday belonged to the kids at Water Festival

By Hannah Morris |  Sunday afternoon brought loads of people down to the 57th Annual Water Festival’s Children’s Day at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park.  From 11-3, local families and tourists alike were treated to all things kids.  Upon arriving, I personally saw which seemed to be the largest vendor area to hit the Waterfront yet, with local and traveling artists displaying their unique treasures for all to admire. Many parents with their young ones escaped to this side of the festival to have face paint applied in a variety of manners. There were butterflies, circus animals, and fairys alike. So many magical and mythical creatures graced my presence, I could hardly keep up.  I love Water Festival.

Once painted, kids could escape into a world of their own – a fortress built entirely of bouncy castles and games for everyone! There were more bouncy castles than I could count, ranging from a magical Disney Princess lair to more rugged manly establishments suitable for the youngest men of Beaufort. It was enough to make any grown adult wish to be a kid again, as there were hidden passageways, trap doors, and even bouncy basketball games and others – all for the young (and perhaps even a few who are merely young at heart.) 

Next to the bouncy paradise, were stands located throughout the event, many sponsored by our local Middle, and High Schools run by a slew of students volunteering for the event. You could cool off with a nice soda, or treat yourself to some good children’s-fair favorites: hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a real treat to see our locals supporting the local education by lining up in mass numbers to purchase the many different goodies.

All the while on the stage, various kids groups performed throughout the day. Beaufort Academy of Dance rocked a smashing can-can number with the dancers ranging from tiny tots all the way through high school seniors. Sports Academy Gymnastics put on a show too.  The crowds were wild, dancing and grooving along with them, and awing at them.

All of the earlier dancing set the stage for the teens who partied and danced well into the evening with a teen night of their own at last night’s Teen Dance event at the festival. 

Though the afternoon brought bouts of rain, it only turned the dry dance party into an event full of singing and dancing in the rain. A little water never hurt anyone, after all! 

In what better fashion could you celebrate the Water Festival than being soaked in our own Beaufort rain? The children pushed through, enjoying themselves at whatever the cost. For those with children, I hope you braved the storm and checked it out, if you missed out this year – definitely make it next year. No kids? No problem.

The energy and joy escaping into the air is enough to put a smile on all faces, young and old, and definitely a treat to behold.

Happy Water Festival, kids…







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