Take a walk on the water: Stand-Up Paddling

By Kelley Luikey |  Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful waters our area has to offer.  A day on a paddleboard can be a leisurely adventure or a speedy aerobic workout.  Either way, all of your muscles will be working to keep you balanced on the board as you paddle.  SUP is seeing skyrocketing growth and for good reason; it offers a total body workout, requires a minimal amount of equipment and people of any age can easliy get started.

If you are interested in trying SUP this season, several local shops offer lessons, rentals and group paddles to help get you out on the water.  Armed with some advice and instruction from an experience paddler, you’ll be up on your board in no time.  After some initial wobbling, you’ll find your balance and be cruising away from the shore.  Keep in mind you may end up in the water while learning or improving your skills.  That’s okay and part of the fun , just be sure you’re dressed for it!

Local yoga instructors offer SUP yoga classes which is a huge trend in the stand-up paddling craze.   The boards are wide and stable enough to do everything from shavasana (resting pose) to headstand pose and everything else in between.  The rocking of the water while maintaining balance on the board offers an additional challenge to the poses.  Dolphins surfacing around you and clouds above make for a more invigorating experience than a normal studio class.

The “anyone can do it” adage certainly holds true with SUP.  It’s a simple sport that the entire family can enjoy together.  Small kids can ride on the nose of the board with their parents and children as young as six can be taught how to handle their own board.  You’ll enjoy great views of our waters and abundant wildlife and get a low-impact workout that includes your core, legs, back, shoulders, and arms.  It’s as close as you’ll get to walking on water.

What could be better than that?