TCL honors 53 health sciences graduates in ceremony

TCL honored 53 health sciences graduates at a ceremony ast Thursday.
TCL honored 53 health sciences graduates at a ceremony ast Thursday.

The Technical College of the Lowcountry recognized 53 health sciences graduates during its August 3rd pinning ceremony at the Beaufort Campus. The ceremony honored graduates of the massage therapy, medical assisting, surgical technology, radiologic technology, practical nursing and associate degree nursing programs.

The special ceremony allows students to receive the respective pins for their professions while being recognized by faculty, staff, friends and family. The ceremony also includes class speakers, pledges and graduation traditions unique to each program. For example, the nursing tradition involves lighting of a lamp, a nod to Florence Nightingale who carried a lamp to light her path as she cared for the sick and dying soldiers during the Crimean War.

In the last five years, TCL has graduated nearly 500 health care professionals. After completing these programs, graduates will pursue licensing and become healthcare professionals in Lowcountry hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, physician offices, assisted living facilities, schools and more. Others will choose to continue their education. For more information, please visit


The graduates are:

Massage Therapy

Nine Massage therapy students graduated from TCL last Thursday
Nine Massage therapy students graduated from TCL last Thursday

David Audelo – Beaufort
Devon J. Anthony – Beaufort
Laurel A. Berkey – Beaufort
Kayla M. Harmon – Jasper
Juliette Jenkins-Smith – Beaufort
Cynthia Mills – Hampton
Sarah A. Rider – Beaufort
Bethany K. Skipper – Chatham, Ga.
Latoya Smalls – Beaufort

Medical Assisting (not pictured)

Renita Drayton – Beaufort
Shakeri Stephens – Hampton
Rosyln Todd – Beaufort

 Surgical Technology

TCL graduated 13 Surgical Technicians last Thursday
TCL graduated 13 Surgical Technicians last Thursday

Ryan Arbuckle – Beaufort
Jerri Bess – Jasper
Kindra Blodgett – Beaufort
Jenea Boni – Chatham
Lexy Cajigas – Beaufort
Jonathan Cohen – Beaufort
Judith Johnston – Effingham
Tracy Mason – Beaufort
AJ Herrera-Moreno – Beaufort
Cherelle Poole – Beaufort
Kenna Robertson – Colleton
Jasmine Simmons – Beaufort
Lisa Vogel – Beaufort

Radiologic Technology (pictured above)

Toni Ellis – Beaufort
Rudolph Golec – Beaufort
Bobbi Sue Harmon – Chatham, Ga.
Wendy Hollingsworth – Beaufort
Natalie McQuillen – Beaufort
Chelsea Nicholson – Colleton
Ilsy Olan – Beaufort
Alexander Ramos – Beaufort
Faith Rea – Hampton
Sara Ricketts – Beaufort
Frank Sliva – Beaufort
Lauryn Strozier – Beaufort
Ashley Wallace – Beaufort

TCL grqaduated three practical nursing students on Thursday.

Practical Nursing

Korey D. Burns – Chatham
Mary Louise Frame – Beaufort
Tracy L. Kinard – Beaufort
Stevi J. Mingledorff – Jasper
Lakisha D. Spiegel – Beaufort

Associate Degree Nursing (pictured above)

Shannon O. Angelo – Beaufort
Ashley L. Campbell – Beaufort
Alexis B. Clark – Beaufort
Terrand J. Eady – Hampton
Melissa A. Ford – Jasper
|Taylor E. Lammy – Beaufort
Olivia W.P. Lanava – Beaufort
David J. Laumeyer – Chatham
ChiRhonda M. Neal – Beaufort
Taylor M. Price – Effingham