Ten steps to a successful PCS move to Beaufort

steps pcs move beaufort scBy Cara Raisch | PCS relocation time. Yikes. A big solute to all of you busy military wives and moms.  Take a deep breath and grab a notebook. We have ten steps to help you with that PCS move to Beaufort.

First of all, welcome to the Lowcountry.  I know it’s a little overwhelming dealing with the big move but you are going to love it once you get settled. What’s important now is focusing on the details and timing of the move, while still planning to be flexible. Receiving final orders less than 2 months ahead of time doesn’t leave much planning time. This is where working with a professional team experienced in PCS  moving helps. There are many details that need to be managed in order for your family to experience a smooth move.

Once you have an idea you will be coming to Parris Island or MCAS Beaufort, it’s not a bad idea if you can come in for some pre-house shopping and area overview. That will give you some peace of mind. Although it may be from your own out of pocket budget, it’s money well worth spent. Keep track of the tax-deductible receipts and expenses of pre-move house hunting for tax season.

Your Orders are bringing you to a beautiful seaside coastal village, located N.32’ 43’ and W. 80’ 67’ along the Broad River. Surrounded by natural beauty, Spanish moss and outdoor activities, you will enjoy plenty of water activities, good food, oysters and bonfires with lots of community activities to get involved with as well.

steps pcs move beaufort scYou will find plenty of military families here, in addition to a surprising amount of retired military families.  That says a lot about this wonderful place. Out of all the stations that many military families experience, this is where they return and want to live with their families. Beaufort has been named the ‘Friendliest Coastal Town in America’, ‘A Southern Dream Town’, is among the ‘Top 20 Places To See In The World, and was just recently placed on the ‘Most Charming Towns in America’ list.

Beaufort is a place where family and honor fly proud. Our history is strong and present. It’s not a big town and you won’t find a Target, but what you will find here are real friendly people that enjoy life and amazing natural untouched beauty, family activities and a solid local church family.

All else can be found 20 minutes South of the Broad River, in Bluffton or in the beautiful Hilton Head area known for being a major tourist destination.

Steps to a PCS Move to Beaufort SC. Parris Island

Determine the lifestyle you want to live here. In Beaufort SC, there are several options which your Military Relocation Professional can help you with.

Establish Housing, find a Realtor or Property Manager that is a certified MRP, if possible, who understands your needs. Makes sure they provide you with a neighborhood overview and area guides which are important in this town. Most important, make sure they listen to your needs.

Get Your Pre-qualification financing letter – This only takes about ten minutes by phone or online with your chosen finance team. Your realtor can also help you with a local Military Financing option which is educated in all the local processes and strives to keep you on time and on schedule while making your financing as easy as possible…because you have enough to worry about. This is when it is nice to have a professional team helping you.

Check Schools and enrollment schedules because Beaufort has a lot of options when it comes to schooling. Decide which ranks higher – School vs Commute. Although it’s a small town you can see 30 minute commutes to bases or longer depending on the lifestyle you choose.

While in town visit the YMCA and Visitors Center to pick up information for children’s activities and programs as many have early pre-enrollment times. That way when you arrive with your children they have activities to look forward to and that can help them transition,. If time permits stop by the County Library Monkey’s Uncle on Bay Street to share with the kids some small-town charm at the Best little toy store for 0-100 years olds.

Set Up Local Banking – If necessary set up banking and/or safe deposit box while in town to help transition with during the move especially if there is going to be any delay in closing or a pre-vacation before checking in.

Arrange storage while in town if needed. Because your moving to humid climate if you are going to be storing for longer than a month of storing during May-Sept you might want to consider the climate controlled storage units. Although slightly more expensive, damage from humidity can be extensive quickly.

Prepare for the big move– Upon return home, clean out around the house get rid of unwanted items. Have a garage sale, sell them online, or donate them. Remember to keep those receipts when donating for tax purposes.

Schedule Pick Up and Delivery dates with the movers. Be sure to schedule your vehicle moving early as it can often take several weeks for vehicles to arrive especially if your Oconus.

Proper Planning – While waiting for the big day with proper planning you should feel informed and calm. Your team that you put in place while you visited is working on your behalf in Beaufort SC awaiting your arrival. You job is to get all the details in place in your current location. Collect medical records, arrange for clubs, churches, Scouts and any other nationally recognized activities to be transferred.  Address transfers set up with postal, insurance and the IRS are in place.

steps pcs move beaufort scThere are the moves where a pre-visit isn’t possible and if that’s the case then your MRP Realtor is prepared to handle all the details using technology and excellent communication skills to help you find the perfect place to call home. Out of the country, time changes and legal paperwork processing is all part of the process and should go smoothly.

Be sure to ask your agent to use video as much as possible showing you not just the house but also surrounding area and area overview. 

The average buyer looks at 6-10 houses before buying so don’t feel like you’re putting them out…it’s part of what they do. Helping your move and transition to Beaufort should be easy and smooth. It is the least we can do for the amazing service you give our country.


Cara Raisch is a Realtor with Ballenger Realty and Certified MRP Realtor
who loves helping service members and their families, while welcoming them to Beaufort SC.

You can reach her at  (843) 290-7790 or email carabeauforthomepro@gmail.com
Or visit Cara at: Website:Beauforthomepro.com   and
Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CaraRaischBeaufortSCRelocation/