USCB Senior Art Exhibition: Beaufort produces artists

By Libby Ricardo | Beaufort County is rightly proud of its arts scene.  Regionally and nationally acclaimed artists choose to call Beaufort home, and its many fine galleries are among the best in the state.  Beaufort County does more, though, than simply house artists; it also produces them.

On Friday, March 25th, the USCB Department of Fine Arts cordially invites the community to come and see the work of its graduating seniors.

The Sea Islands Center Gallery, located at 1106 Carteret Street, sits quietly by its performing arts counterpart, the USCB Center for the Arts.  This magnificient corner of downtown Beaufort offers the community more than just an opportunity to experience the arts, serving as a convergence of University and community.  Operated by the University and catering to both students and townspeople alike, the gallery and the CFA help to facilitate discourse about how to better enrich both parties.

The 2016 Spring Senior Art Exhibition will offer the opportunity to not only view the stellar work of these talented and ambitious visual artists, but also for spectators to converse with the artists about their work.

The opening night reception will be from 5:30-7:00.   The show will run from March 25th through April 9th.  The show will display works by Erin Cline, Nicolle Conkin, Brian Evans, Megan Gilbert, Levi Kinnard, Amelia Pickney, and Joana Ryba.  Support your community.

Support local arts.