8 reasons we can't wait til Spring in Beaufort

spring in beaufortIn the coming weeks any threat of cold weather will be behind us and the lack of ‘green’ in our landscape will start to change. Spring in Beaufort is not too far down the road. Fortunately, we have warmer spring-like temperatures ahead as February comes around in Beaufort.

This time of year we start to get excited about all the upcoming events and festivals that are right around the corner and we’ll start to exchange our jackets, hoodies and scarves for shorts, flip flops and t shirts (the official wardrobe of Beaufort). There are so many things to look forward to.

In fact, here are 8 reasons we can’t wait until spring arrives in Beaufort…

8.  Bustle and tourists in downtown
You can’t beat warm weather and shops, galleries, restaurants and sidewalks all filled with locals and tourists alike. Taking a walk through Waterfront Park and along Bay Street and seeing everyone bustling about town in the sun is always a welcome sight after the weather warms a bit.

7.  Outdoor dining
Beaufort has dozens of options for outdoor dining where you can enjoy the weather, many with fantastic waterfront views.






6.  A much more colorful Beaufort. 
The marsh grass turns from its brown color toward a nice green, leaves appear on our oak trees and the azaleas and flowers show off their many vibrant colors.






5.  Sea Turtle Season
Later in the spring, it’s our favorite time of the year. Momma sea turtles hit Beaufort’s local beaches and lay their nests and sometimes even stop to pose for a quick photo or two. For a good look at turtle season, follow ESPB as we give turtle reports all spring and summer long. Learn about our endangered sea turtles and see some fabulous photos and amazing videos too.





4.  Warmer weather = shorts and flip flops
Yes, we get to shed our jackets, scarves and anything else we used to keep ourselves warm with during the winter chill and replace them with our much missed worn-in (out) flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. It doesn’t have to be fashionable. It just has to be comfortable.

3.  We’re closer to hot days in the sun at Hunting Island beach
We’ve been without our beloved beach off and on for the past 16 months and spring’s impending arrival means that we aren’t far away from being able to enjoy a lazy afternoon with a good book, a nifty camera lens, or time spent just lounging around on our favorite local spot.






2.  Strawberry season
One of our favorite local pastimes returns along with the spring season: The lure of the strawberry patches from our local ‘you-pick’ farms. Nothing beats taking the kids down to Dempsey’s or Barefoot Farms on St. Helena Island to pick a bucket of fresh local strawberries. And when you least expect it, The Chocolate Tree’s chocolate-covered delights hit the shelves, and you know that spring has indeed arrived.






1.  Festivals and events…and festivals
Bring it. Celebrating local seafood, BBQ, Beaufort’s restaurant scene and some history, the Beaufort area’s festival season starts with a super fun Bands Brews & BBQ in Port Royal, and hot on its trail are the Soft Shell Crab Festival and downtown’s A Taste of Beaufort. Add a dash of a few fabulous local Oyster Roast fundraisers in our midst and you’ll also see that our festivals and events ultimately help support our community, and celebrate our culture and our traditions.

Springtime is indeed one of the best times in Beaufort.