What is 'Fat Patties' all about? A look inside...

For a few months now, we’ve all been watching a new construction project grow along Parris Island Gateway where it meets Belleview Circle in Port Royal.  A banner appeared outside of the site letting everyone know that a restaurant named ‘Fat Patties’ is coming soon.  A deeper look into their new building tells you that enormous glass windows will soon be installed, and three operable garage doors that will be opened on days that provide the perfect weather are soon to follow.  A look at their Facebook page tells us that it’s a ‘Hand-crafted American Burger Joint’.

So what is Fat Patties, and what can we expect?

We sat down with owner Nick Borreggine after a tour of the site and building, and he mapped it all out for us.  Boy, is Beaufort in for a real treat.  As many of you already know, Nick is a well known restauranteur in the Beaufort area having operated Panini’s Cafe for some 11 years.  After the sale of his restaurant in early 2011, he took some time off and then started developing his next Beaufort hot-spot.  From scratch, he developed the entire Fat Patties concept from new construction, menu, theme, and complete brand.  Perched in a spot sure to invite you in after a days work on Parris Island, and 40 parking spaces to greet you when you arrive, Fat Patties expects to be serving Beaufort by June.

Contemplating where to start, we decided to just ask ‘what makes a restaurant’?  The answer being the menu, of course.  And Fat Patties’ menu is full of some well-above-average ideas that are ‘fun’, with several twists, and a long list of cleverly concocted hand-crafted gourmet burgers. Simply reading it was nearly enough to make one’s mouth water.

Let’s check out a sampling of the many menu items.  We’ll start with, well, Fat Patties’ starters.  On the appetizer menu we found interesting veggie fries, chili, crab claws, and baked brie, among others.  That’s a good start.  What really caught our eye was ‘Devil’s Shrimp’, which is flash-fried shrimp tossed in a chimichurri sauce.  Also the garlic parmesan fries with cheddar cheese & sausage gravy got a second read-over.  Then we noticed the Port Royal Pork Rinds, which of course are chili-spiced as well.

Glancing over to the sandwiches, we found some great Shrimp Tacos with an avocado relish, and a BLT with shrimp.  While we’re certain they will all be winners, the real mouth waterer of the sandwich offerings has got to be the Grilled Cheese.  Any grilled cheese sandwich that boasts 5 different cheeses, applewood bacon, and strawberry jam has got to be amazing.

Next, we gleaned over Fat Patties’, um…patties.  In addition to the plain pattie, and the build-your-own options, the burger menu offers inventive ideas and plenty to be excited about.  Fat Patties offers a grass fed beef pattie, a turkey pattie, a local shrimp pattie, a 1/2 beef 1/2 bacon pattie, and a black bean pattie to choose from.  The  ‘Virginia V’ jumped out at us with it’s pimento cheese (an area fav), thick bacon and a garlic mayonnaise.  We also took note of the ‘Green B’, and it’s combination of guacamole, jalapenos, chimichurri sauce and goat cheese.  Something about that combination has us reaching for a beer already!  Also, of very special mention is ‘FPs Italian’. Yes, someone finally put an Italian hoagie on top of a burger.  Happily, we’ve nearly reached a gluttonous foodie heaven.

Moving on to the Sausage Menu, Fat Patties will offer garlic bratwurst, hot Italian sausage, and chorizo.  ‘Sweet Fire’ offers you carmelized onions and jalapenos, while ‘Da Crout’ has a homemade sauerkraut with apples and raisins, which is quite the brow-raising combination that just sounds like an absolute must-try.

If that isn’t yet enough of a sampling of what is going to make this place special, then their homemade desserts will take it over the top.  Fat Patties also produces their own ice cream and a ‘Sweet Pattie Ice Cream Sandwich’  is going to take center stage.
What’s a Sweet Pattie?  Homemade cookies, with their “homemade ice cream as filling, dipped in a chocolate sauce and rolled in a crunchy salty topping”, said Nick.  “They’re addictive”.
While seating many, the restaurant will also have an ice cream area with homemade ice cream, handspun milkshakes, and gelato, all accessable from the inside of the restaurant or through a convenient walk-up window from the outside.

What’s a ‘burger joint’ without some adult beverages, you ask?  Covered.  Simply put.
Fat Patties Bar will offer 20 different taps, happy hour specials, events, and a refreshment not yet seen in Beaufort at least to our knowledge.
Spiked milkshakes.
The shake menu offers an array of concoctions that are sure to be talked-about.

Fat Patties is sure to be talked about.  It’s original, unique, and fun.  Hurry up, June.