Yoga Chandra Center hosts World Oceans Day event

By Hannah Morris |  Yoga Chandra Center celebrated World Ocean’s day in style, bringing Beaufort together to participate in activities all day long and pulling each and every soul a little closer to nature with it’s Ocean Motion Yoga Day on Saturday.

For a $20 donation, yogis and those new to the practice were treated to a variety of events at the Lady’s Island center, with all proceeds benefiting the Port Royal Sound Foundation  The day featured both inside and outside activities that suited a variety of interests, with one theme remaining true throughout… the environment.

Jumping right in early, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Lovett of Higher Ground Outfitters while he was giving lessons on Stand Up Paddle Boarding. For most of these ladies and gentlemen, it was their first time out on the water. When asked about the sport he was as eager to share as always, claiming “stand up paddle boarding is incredibly rewarding. It gives people a chance to view the water in a completely different manner, while getting great exercise. For most people who try it once, they become hooked.” If you haven’t tried this sport, I would highly suggest it. Hearing only positive feedback from the participants; it certainly seems like it’s a blast.

While there was tons of fun to be had outside, inside had even more exciting events. All day long featured yoga classes taught by a variety of local enthusiasts; a large array of workshops, great food, and even a documentary screening into the evening.

Having never been to this particular yoga studio in Beaufort, the wonderfully kind owner Kim Nichols-Cech, gave me a personalized tour. I was utterly impressed with what I saw. Each room in the studio is themed, large, and beautiful. Up on the top of the building at Lady’s Island Marina, with a 360 degree view of the river sits the “Crows Nest” where the natural warmth from the sun heats the room, making it the perfect practicing space for power yoga. A fun event occurring all day in the WellSprings Massage Studio was the making of Sutra Saks. Event attendees could bring their own t-shirts and recycle them into handy carrying cases. Downstairs, I was able to pop in on Kathryn Madden and Amber Von Harten’s Nature Journaling class, where they instructed on the creation of journals dealing with nature, serving to inspire and promote yet another bond with the outside world.

Each yoga class for the remainder of the day had a different theme, all tying together with the Ocean. You could opt to find the Octopus in You with Carol Morrissey, Honor the Waters of the Body with Dragana Pavic-Zappia, or even Ride the Tide of the 5 Oceans with Kim Nicols Cech. In between the yoga courses, event goers enjoyed a variety of classes aside from just the Nature Journaling; ranging from Xeriscaping, Qigong, or even practicing their breathing with Wave Warriors, a Breath Healing Circle for the Waters.  The day ended, fittingly, with a screening of the documentary film,  ‘Bag It:  Is your life too plastic?’

The Community surrounding this yoga studio is unparalleled, and was a great opportunity to remind our locals about all of the great things we have here in Beaufort, from our neighbor the ocean, to the exciting nature we have on our doorstep.

If you have not had the ultimate pleasure of checking out the Yoga Chandra Center, I urge you to take a class, even if you are new to the practice. With a variety of classes, sizes, and different yoga benefiting all walks of life, it’s a sure bet you will find something suitable for your own personal need, and have fun getting fit while checking it out.

If you attended Saturday’s all-day Ocean Motion Yoga event either in-part or in-whole, you left feeling just a bit better about yourself.  Sometimes you just can’t help it.

You can find more information on the Yoga Chandra Center, and their many events, by checking out their website at: