A beautiful band hopping weekend

By Mary Ellen Thompson | Lots of live music around the area, so get your froggy feet flexed because you’ll need to start with some big leaps to get around music-town this weekend!

Wes Johnson is making a guest appearance in town this weekend and you’ll have more than one opportunity to catch up with him, but the first is tonight, Thursday, at the Foolish Frog between 7 and 11. Ahead of that, start downtown with Vic Varner at Breakwater Restaurant and Bar at 6:30 until 9. After your hop to the Foolish Frog to see Wes…bound back in town for the Bull Grapes at Q on Bay from 8 – 11.

Seem like a full evening for a Thursday?

Well – you’re just warming up.

Friday, start at Lowcountry Produce Market and Cafe with the Cluster Shucks starting at 6 and playing until 9. Swing by Bricks on Boundary for a sip with SWIG between 7 – 9:30, then hop quickly to the Back Porch Grill and enjoy the sweetest girls in town, the Sweetgrass Angels between 7:30 and 10:30. Have a peek in at Steamers for Wes Johnson on your way to your final evening’s leap to the Foolish Frog where you will enjoy the Warsaw Island Boys from 7 – 11.

Saturday has some interesting afternoon diversions with Pickin By The River all afternoon in the Park; Artworks is sponsoring an invasion of food trucks2014 Beaufort Food Truck Festival and music between 2 – 8 in the K-Mart parking lot – sure to be a good time and good food there! Wes Johnson and Friends will be entertaining at the Back Porch Grill between the hours of 7:30 and 10:30, then hop, hop on out to Frogmore for the Sometimes Later Band, who ALWAYS plays the music you like to hear, at the Foolish Frog from 7 – 11, and the Bull Grapes request the pleasure of your company at Boondocks between 8 and 11.

On Sunday, stroll to Saltus River Grill to enjoy Vic Varner and Friends between 6:30 and 9.

Enjoy, Be Safe. Tip Generously. Band Hop!

The Sweetgrass Angels