A wet and wild Water Festival Bed Race

By Susan Clark |  Friday evening brought the wacky Beaufort Water Festival Bed Race.  Under the threat of rain, and then the real thing coming, a team of very intrestingly dressed Marines from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122, the Werewolves, were this year’s winners of the bed race just as that typical summer thunderstorm rolled into town and showed it’s face. 

Thankfully, before any rain drops could actually hit the ground, six teams individually raced down Bay Street trying to gain the fastest time while getting doused with water by the crowd of onlookers who used buckets, garden hoses, squirt guns, tupperware bowls and anything else that would hold water.  Each team had either a uniform or costume and decorated gurney.  The winners from MCAS Beaufort looked like they had just stepped off a flight from Hawaii, as they donned their coconut bikini tops, hula skirts, and leis. 

Werewolf member Jeremy Siegel said this was the first time his squadron has participated in the Race.  “We wanted to do something as a squadron,” Siegel said.  He explained that participating in the Bed Race was a great way for them to support the Water Festival.

“We didn’t know what to expect,”Siegel said.  “We did stack the deck and try to get fast runners to be prepared for the competition.”  The Werewolves bed race time was1:08:10


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