River Dance rocks-n-rolls with The Design

By Susan Clark |  The River Dance started out on the right track as an amazing double rainbow suddenly formed over the Beaufort River behind the Woods Memorial Bridge, just as the sun began to set.  The night was formally kicked off with the start of local band Shark Rodeo’s performance.  Playing together locally for 20 years, Shark Rodeo knew how to get the crowd going.  By 10pm the featured band, The Design, was on stage ready to rock and roll. 

“I think its a pretty good turn out and I can’t ask for better weather,” Tori Spearman said.   Spearman said she tries to attend the River Dance every year.  “Its usually a night a lot of my friends attend,” Spearman said.

Another attendee, Taylor Runyan, was a little confused by the featured band. “Good atmosphere, good fun, but really what are they going for,” Runyan said.  While Runyan may not have been a huge fan of the Design, others saw them as a breath of fresh air. 

 “This is the first edgy band WaterFestival has had in a long time,” Jessica Hughes said clearly enjoying the edgy live performance.

 “She’s really versatile,” Hughes said referring to the lead singer.  Versatile may have been an understatement.  Kat, the lead singer of The Design sung anything from Nicki Minaj to Kenny Loggins.  Her song selection was not the only thing people were talking about; so was her energy on stage… and her outfit.

“I think the lead singer is doing areally good job working the crowd,” Jill Rosche said.“She seems really happy to be here and has thanked the crowd several times.” 

Kat’s positive energy onstage was well received, however, many people later were still talking about her outfit selection.    “What is she wearing?” and “Interesting costume choice”, were two sayings I overheard walking through the crowd.  I think its pretty safe to say that locals don’t often see someone in what best could be described as a strapless romper leotard.  

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