All fun and games at Water Festival Children's Day

kd2Bouncy houses, water wars, games, prizes, performers, oh my. It was all fun and games as families soaked up some sun while attending Children’s Day at the 61st Annual Beaufort Water Festival on a beautiful Sunday along the river in downtown Beaufort.

With magical blow-up kingdoms, obstacle courses and some fantastic food on one side of Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park and water wars, games, prizes, performances and face painting lining the other, the kids were able to explore all of their options. And, with no entrance fee, it’s easy to understand why the event attracts such a big crowd.

Kids were buzzing all around.  Watching performances, running around, eating goodies, running around, enjoying their friends, playing games, running around, having new experiences and being in a general mood of…happy.

kd12Likewise, the parents equally enjoyed the day, making it a perfect family day in Beaufort.

For local Judy, this was her second year at the event. “It involves family,” Judy said. “[It’s great] to be able to interact with my kids.”

Local Ashley also said that she loves to have a good time with the kids. “We get to spend time together and have fun,” she said. “There’s not a lot of kid friendly things in Beaufort, so the fact the everyone can get together like this and have a good time, and be free is really important,” she said.

Whether you’re a kid or not, Children’s Day at the Beaufort Water Festival has a special meaning.  Children’s Day is for the kids and we’re happy that the Water Festival makes sure that the kids get to have their fun, and it just keeps getting better and better

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. Now, if only everyone was young and small enough to experience that bouncy house again …

For hundreds of photos of the 2016 Beaufort Water Festival, visit our Photo Gallery.  Photos by ESPB/Jessica Kilcoin

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