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By Martha McDuff | There’s a large community of runners and walkers in Beaufort because, lets face it, Beaufort has many amazing routes full of beautiful scenery and is a runner’s paradise. Most mornings as I am driving up the McTeer bridge towards Lady’s Island, there’s lots of locals getting their morning workout in.  Some are working out solo and lots are with friends.

Running is one of the easiest ways to get started on the road to improved fitness and joining in with a friend or a group is a great idea for extra safety and enjoyment. If you enjoy running with friends and in groups, I would encourage you to look into joining The Beaufort Track Club.

Tim Waz of Grounded Running (pictured lower left) has recently revitalized the Beaufort Track Club. Photo courtesy BTC

The Beaufort Track Club, originally started in 1976, has been revitalized by Tim Waz, owner of Beaufort’s newest running store- Grounded Running.  It is a USA Track and Field Member Club.  The track club meets every Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Beaufort Middle School’s track and on Saturday mornings at 7 am in various locations around town.  The locations alternate between the Grounded Running store, The Waterfront Park, Pluff Mudd Coffee Company in Port Royal, and at the Spanish Moss Trail.  For the schedule, head to Grounded Running’s website  or check out The BeaufortTrack Club on Facebook. There is no cost to join and everyone and all abilities are welcomed.

Why join the group?  Not only will you meet like-minded people, but you’ll have people to encourage you and push you further than you thought you could or would want to go.

Showing up on a Saturday morning and heading out with several friends for a six or a ten mile run doesn’t seem so long when the run is filled with conversation and laughter.  Runners tend to have a love/hate relationship with the track and often (especially beginners) have no clue as to what to do at the track in order to help their running.  Tim sets out a track plan for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners.  Realistic goals are set and built upon each week. Often the track workout will be posted on the Facebook page ahead of time so you know what to expect.

“Including these workouts into your weekly routine, will help your body get use to working at a higher intensity which will help you run more efficiently come race day”, explained Tim.

When asked why he started the club, Tim said, “My passion is running and I love to share this with others.  I also love watching others accomplish their goals.”  Eventually Tim would love to see members participate in USATF events and even host a track meet here.

Whether you are a beginner or have been running for years, make a point to come out and join the fun on Wednesday track night and Saturday morning run to see what this club is all about.

Who knows-you might become hooked and meet some new friends in our local community who share your interests.

Photo courtesy BTC
Photo courtesy BTC





Martha McDuff is a native of Beaufort, SC and will soon be certified as a Health Coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, Martha teaches Tabata, yoga, and Pilates. You can find her at the YMCA, the Celadon Wellness Center, and ArtiZen Yoga during the week. Martha and sometime-ESPB-contributor Shannon Roberts have started PlayOutsideBeaufort,com, a website highlighting all of the outdoor events in beautiful Beaufort from 5ks to triathlons and kayaking/paddleboarding races.