An awesome ‘NIGHT TO SHINE' and display of LOVE & ACCEPTANCE in our community!

The “Night to Shine” is an unforgettable prom experience celebrating local friends with special needs.

Centered on God’s love, this special event took place at Praise Assembly of God in Beaufort on Friday night. Over 170 local people with special needs ages 14 and over received the royal treatment from the red carpet and paparazzi to fresh flowers and limo rides. Hundreds of volunteers came together to make the memorable Prom event possible. For many, this special night is a chance to party like they never have before. It is not only fun for all attendees and friends and family but is a reminder for us all to just be loving and accepting to all humankind.

A Night To Shine was created by former NFL quarterback and current professional baseball player Tim Tebow.
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Photos & Videos by Stephanie Greene,  John Wollwerth, Wollwerth Imagery Pam Keith and Praise Assembly of God. For even more pics & updates from this event follow Praise Assembly of God on Facebook.

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