ArtPop billboard winners anounced

This photograph submitted by local photographer Sandy Dimke was selected as one of the winners and will appear on billboards throughout the Beaufort area this year. Photo courtesy Sandy Dimke/Dimke Photo Art.

In partnership with Adams Outdoor Advertising and ArtPop, the Beaufort Arts Council held their second annual ArtPop Beaufort program, a program that promotes local artists work through available media space. Submissions opened on November 14, 2016 and closed January 15, 2017 for artists in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties. The second year of ArtPop more than doubled in submissions from the first year, totaling 150 pieces.

The Beaufort Arts Council has announced the 10 winners of the 2016-2017 ArtPop Beaufort Program selected by a Jury of seven:

David Shipper, Nancy Adams, Mary Lester, Zach Grether, John Crum, Julie Jones, Michael Karas, Eve Miller, Sandy Dimke and Michael Reibel. 

ArtPop Beaufort will feature their work rotating through at least 5 Adams’ billboards for approximately one year with installations expected to begin at the end February 2017. Each billboard will include the artist’s work along with his or her name.  A page on the Beaufort Arts Council website features the winning artists as well as having links to each artist’s website.

BAC Board Member and Chairman for the ArtPop Beaufort Program Marc Hayward says, “Our goal going into the second year of ArtPop Beaufort was to increase awareness of the program within our local art community to encourage as many artists as possible to submit their work. After receiving more than double the amount of submissions we had last year, we are thrilled with the participation and success of the program. Additionally, we hope to continue to increase community participation and we look forward to seeing the winning pieces on billboards throughout the region.”

Please visit the BAC website at for additional information on the winner’s and images of their submissions. The ArtPop Beaufort Program directly falls under the Beaufort Arts Council’s mission to expand art in the daily lives of residents and visitors through providing opportunities for artists to exhibit and create art. 

This beautiful painting by Michael Reibel will also appear on billboards throughout the Beaufort area.
This beautiful painting by Michael Reibel will also appear on billboards throughout the Beaufort area.