Athletes, volunteers to give Beaufort High stadium a pre-season clean-up

Beaufort High School’s recently re-sodded stadium complex will get a pre-game clean-up this month as local boosters and athletes join hands to prep the campus for fall sports.  On Saturday, Aug. 11, parents, business community volunteers and student athletes will converge on Beaufort High’s stadium for a major work day. In the days before and after, additional efforts will be underway.

“Our goal is to make Eagle Stadium the hub of community activity for all the football home games, and then in the spring to attract more people to spring sports,” said Jonolyn Ferreri, president of the school’s Big Green Booster Club. “Beaufort High has strong academics and strong athletics, and we are proud to put in our hard work to help.

The Aug. 11 community clean-up will include some of the following:
· Spreading of new mulch
· Cleaning and re-hanging sponsor banners along the football field, fence and press box
· Tree maintenance
· Treating the grounds for ants and other pests
· Cleaning and power-washing locker rooms, concession stands and other areas
· Re-painting the goal posts
· Cleaning and stocking the concession stand
· Litter pick-up on side streets, parking lot and surrounding areas
· Check light bulbs across the complex and replace as needed.

Last year, several members of the Beaufort High Big Green Booster Club created an offshoot called “Friends of the Program.”  “This gave us the opportunity to leverage our business contacts and community relationships to restore the football facility for all of our boy’s and girl’s programs, and to create a sports complex the school and community can be proud of,” said Mike Ingram, a key organizer. “A few of us had a vision four years ago. Our facility and field should be a good as anyone’s in the state and I am proud to say that in just two short years the reality is almost there,” Ingram said.

“We were very disappointed with the overall facility for the school, community and the field conditions for our young athletes,” he said. “What has happened in the last two years in nothing sort of remarkable and it’s a credit to the great volunteers and the local businesses who come on board to be a part of the Booster Club and to be a part of the new ‘Friends of the Program.’  “Our goal is a simple one, but one that’s forgotten so many times. These are our kids, our school and our community! If not us than who? You know, it’s OK to start new traditions and to create a sense of pride for students and the community,” Ingram said.

The stadium clean-up directly ties to Football Coach Mark Clifford’s motto of “One Team, One Family, One Community.”
Additional booster work will be scheduled throughout the year, including fundraisers for all sports.
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