A busy band hopping weekend in Beaufort

By Mary Ellen Thompson | Lots going on this weekend in the local music scene. Let’s get hopping! Tonight Vic Varner will be playing at Breakwater Restaurant and Bar from 6:30 until 9:00. He will be hopping down to Hilton Head this weekend to play for 2 sold out evenings at the Jazz Corner!! Catch him while you can before fame whisks him away.

Friday’s hop begins at Lowcountry Produce with The Sometimes Later Band – and we all know what kind of music they play – the music you like to hear! Start there at 6 and stay til 9 if you are so inclined, next hop on over to The Back Porch Grill for Snazzy Red from 7:30 – 10:30, and then take a long leap out to the Foolish Frog and end your evening on a high note with Kirk Dempsey and the Bull Grapes who will play from 7 – 11.

Saturday will put a bit more pep in your step with Street Music on Paris Avenue – Chelsea Reed and The Fairweather Five will entertain you on the street where you can listen, wander and socialize starting at 6:00; go grab your chairs and bounce on over. From there hop on over to the Back Porch Grill for Northstar who will be playing from 7:30 – 10:30 and then find your way to the Foolish Frog for another night of favorites by The Sometimes Later Band who will be playing later than the rest of the hop stops this evening so make sure to stop by any time between 7 and 11.

Sunday’s stroll takes us to Saltus River Grill for Vic Varner and Friends from 6:30 until 9.

Enjoy. Be safe. Tip generously. Band hop!

A big band hopping weekend in Beaufort