Beaufort YMCA reports success in 2013, welcomes new board members

The Beaufort County YMCA held its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 25. Catered by The Kitchen, the event welcomed YMCA members, employees, Board members and volunteers. The 2013 year-end reports were presented, citing a year of significant growth and expansion for the YMCA.

In addition to highlighting the YMCA’s fiscal successes, YMCA CEO Michael Bostwick and staff reported on a successful summer reading pilot program, facility upgrades that took place over the year and the varied successes of its fully-licensed preschool, currently in its second year. Additionally, YMCA staff presented overall goals for 2014, a focused, cause-driven marketing plan for the year, recognized its outstanding employees of 2013 and awarded various volunteer groups.

The YMCA also welcomed new YMCA Board Chairman Ernie Schlichtemeier and new Board members Dr. John Fontana, Gregory A. McCloud and Brandon Gaffney. These individuals accompany fellow Board members Robert Candillo, Kelly Collins, Cheryl Comes, Mike Green, Debbie Myers, John Havens, Fred Kuhn, Mary Jane Martin, David Homyk, Jennifer Tuckwiller, Bennett Schiller, Henry Robinson, and John Troutman.

Wardle Family YMCA is an inclusive association of people committed to a common effort to help individuals and families reach their fullest potential in terms of spirit, mind, and body. The YMCA is committed to significantly expanding a fiscally sound, service delivery organization which delivers high quality, market driven services to a growing Beaufort County.

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welcomes new board members.