Beaufort Relay for Life adds Kids Walk

Beaufort Relay for Life will be embarking on a brand new adventure for their main event, held on April 26th, 2014 at Beaufort High School from Noon- Midnight. Kids-Walk 2014 will “put the KA-POW to cancer.”

Relay has two very special and amazing honorary chairs this season. An incredibly brave 5 year old battling leukemia and an amazing 3 year old courageously facing sarcoma. These young boys already know what the word ‘cancer’ means, but so many children attend Relay for Life every year and most of them don’t really know why.

Relay for Life of Beaufort, SC is changing this. With the help of some amazingly talented young people at Beaufort High School with passion and drive to ensure all ages are included in the event; Kids-Walk 2014 was born.

Complete with a t-shirt design by Miss Maria Carrera, an Interact student at Beaufort High, and a bright group of teenagers creating 90 minutes of fun-filled laps beginning with opening ceremonies at 3pm on April 26th, every child in attendance will have a better understanding of what Relay for Life is and why it’s so important, as well as impact this event can have on a community.

Cancer is not prejudice to color, race, age, or gender, nor does it sleep, nor does it take vacations as any cancer survivor and caregiver will tell you. It is long overdue that pediatric cancers be brought down to a child’s level in order to form a better understanding and awareness.

Please join Beaufort Relay for Life on April 26th at Beaufort High School.

The entertainment lineup is pretty spectacular this season and you won’t want to miss Kids-Walk at 3pm. “Somewhere over the Rainbow Lies A Cure” and for 12 hours, one track, one community and one mission will unite in hopes of reaching our “pot of gold”…a Cure.

For more information, visit Relay for Life Beaufort, here.

Beaufort Relay for Life adds Kids Walk