Beaufort's Barrier Island Marine: Keeping us in the water

When you are in the process of buying a boat, looking for a new motor, or simply just getting a 100 hour service; finding the right boat dealer can be hard. Wondering if they’re going to give you a good deal, or try to steal your money if you know nothing about boats. Well in the Lowcountry of Beaufort, SC there is a boat dealer where you can feel like one of the family, and trust them with your decision on buying a boat or getting the unmatched service that will leave you smiling.
Barrier Island Marine is that company, and is the top notch boat dealership here in the Lowcountry. They carry world renowned boat companies including Pioneer, Pathfinder, Maverick, Hewes, Cobia, Chris Craft, and also Bulls Bay. All boats that are designed and made for your every need while enjoying your time on the water here in the Lowcountry. Whether you want a boat for the family, a boat to seriously fish out of, or just something to take an evening cruise in with your special someone, they have all different kinds of makes and models that can meet your every need as well as a service department that will keep your new pride and joy in perfect shape.
As a local here in Beaufort I have been around boats my whole life and know the difference between good service and great service. As a full time fishing guide my boat is my office, and I needed a company that I can rely on when it comes to keeping my office on the water. I not only needed a dealership and service department I could rely on, but somewhere I could send my customers and know they would be treated with the same excellent service I received. Barrier Island Marine is the only place I trust with my customers, and a place that will make you feel at home when in the market for a new boat or just a simple repair.
I recently purchased a 2013 Maverick 18 HPX-V from Barrier Island, working very close with Brad White who is in the sales department in Charleston, SC.
Brad is the kind of guy who lives and breathes boats, and we talked for hours about boats before I even decided to purchase one from Barrier Island. He made me feel at home and gave me a sense of comfort in the fact that I could trust he was giving me some of the best service you could offer anybody when buying a boat. Brad and I spent hours talking about the boat and all the different custom features I wanted on my new Maverick. He was always very helpful and supportive on decisions when it came to things I needed and things that would make my boat exactly what I was looking for.
The key to Barrier Island Marine is not only its superb sales staff, but also its unmatched service department. When it comes to boats everyone knows that sometimes there can be problems and having someone you can trust to fix that problem is important. Chris Larrivee is the main man when it comes to getting an unmatched service on your boat. He’s been in the industry for a very long time and has a wall of certifications that prove it, including Yamaha, Suzuki, Garmin, Power Pole, Minn Kotta, and many more that show that he is a truly trained professional. Chris is who rigged my new boat with a Power Pole Blade 8ft, flush mounted Garmin 740s, Minn Kota ipilot with quick disconnect plate, battery charger, and wired all of the electronics to get her running. He did an absolutely amazing job with everything and made it look like the boat was made with all the extras I got put on. (Its impressive that someone would place towels on the inside of the boat so nothing got dirty or scratched while he was working on it!)

Another key to the excellent service department is Chris’s other half, Melanie Larrivee. Its not everyday you bring your boat to get serviced and meet the mechanics wife who is in charge of getting your boat serviced.  Melanie cares not only about getting your boat serviced and repaired, but truly cares about the customers needs and expectations. She’s honest and always on point when it comes to an estimated time it will take to get your boat back on the water.
Barrier Island Marine has serviced my boat multiple times in the last 4 months and exceeded my expectations every time I go to pick her up. This is the kind of boat dealership you can trust with purchasing a new boat or getting your current boat back to great shape. They not only know how to get you in the new boat of your dreams but also how to keep your experience positive with an unmatched service department. I’m proud to represent Barrier Island Marine in the guiding industry and know they treat my own customers with the best service you can find in the Low Country.
My new Maverick 18 HPX-V has out performed any other flats boat I’ve ever owned, and really proves itself by the smile my customers have when they step off the boat at the end of a charter. It offers a smooth stable platform when fishing and has the shallow draft needed when fishing the waters of Beaufort, SC. I’m proud to have not only one of the best performing skiffs on the east coast, but a company like Barrier Island Marine supporting me with my decision on a new boat. The service you will receive from Barrier Island Marine is the best you will see in the industry whether your new to boats or been around them your whole life. There motto is “Don’t’ Imagine it! Live it!”, and that’s what you will do when you walk into the door and see for yourself the Barrier Island Marine experience.
Owen Plair will be representing Barrier Island Marine in the upcoming 2013 Low Country Redfish Cup Series and 2013 East Coast IFA Redfish Tournament Series. Keep an eye out for the tournament results because he’s confident Barrier Island Marine will keep him on top with the best service. Check out their new Beaufort location at 559 Robert Smalls Parkway, or their Charleston location at 2476 Savannah Highway. You can reach them at 843-522-2040 or 843-559-3660 or visit their website at
Story by Owen Plair