Beaufort's first Couch to 5k program kicks off again

By Shannon Roberts | Now is the perfect time to register for Couch to 5k Training. The organizers of the local ‘Chilly Bean Run invite you to join them in training for this year’s race. The Chilly Bean 5k and 10k race is held on Super Bowl Weekend, and the training takes place between now and race day, and helps keep you motivated throughout those hectic holiday schedules and colder weather.

The Couch to 5k program is designed for those who would like a structured training plan to either complete their first 5k or improve on a previous 5k experience. Beaufort's first Couch to 5k program kicks off again

The general idea of a Couch to 5k program is to start participants in a 30 minute run/walk format. Because running can be tough at first, our Couch to 5k program encourages prospective runners to start with what is called a “Thirty Day Challenge.” This challenge entails participants starting with doing 30 minutes of cardio for up to 30 days in a row. This sort of commitment to exercise helps the body work through some of the soreness that is associated with starting any new exercise regimen. Also, carving out 30 minutes a day is not always easy, and the challenge helps participants find ways to balance a busy schedule with exercise.

After completing the challenge, participants begin a 30 minute run/walk workout in a group run format, where they will walk and run in intervals. The goal is to be ready for race day to run more of the race than walk. So, for example, our first group run may include a 5 minute walk, then a 1 minute run, 5 minute walk, 1 minute run, etc. for a 30 minute period. By race day, our goal is to do the reverse: 5 minute run, 1 minute walk, (or no walking) etc., for the entire 3.1 miles.

Couch to 5k training plans vary, but the Chilly Bean Couch to 5k training program works like this:

Participants begin the program by challenging themselves to do some form of cardio activity (such as walking, biking, etc.) for 30 minutes a day, for up to 30 days.

Group runs will start in December, and will follow a typical running training schedule: 2 maintenance runs per week, and a long run on Saturday.

Participants are encouraged to attend at least one group run per week. Training runs take place on the Spanish Moss Trail and from Waterfront Park, downtown Beaufort.

Participants are assigned a Couch to 5k Coach who will monitor their progress, answer their questions, and be there to encourage and help them through the training.

Registration for Couch to 5k is $50.00 and participants receive a technical training tee, personalized coaching and training plans, and race day registration to the annual Chilly Bean Run and Chili Cook-off.

Couch to 5k programs are a great way to get a jump-start into running. If you’ve always been interested in completing a 5k but don’t know where to start, sign up for the Chilly Bean Couch to 5k. A participant from last year said it best: “My husband and I loved being involved in the Couch to 5k Training Program. It was a great way to kick start a life change and have a great time. I strongly recommend everyone who is on the proverbial “Couch” to jump off of it and join this event. It is super fun and very comfortable for a true new runner/walker.”

More details and information is available on our website: To register for the Couch to 5k, download the waiver and send it in with your check to Beaufort Academy or drop your registration form at the main office on campus. Registrants will receive an email confirmation and instructions on how to begin. Registration accepted throughout the month of November, but sign up earlier than later, and get started on your Thirty Day Challenge! Beaufort's first Couch to 5k program kicks off again

Race day is Superbowl Weekend, January 31st at 10:30am in Coosaw Point on Ladys Island. The Chilly Bean Run 5k and 10k is a fun, family-friendly race followed by an on-site Chili Cookoff and live music. Race finishers receive free admission to the cook-off as well as a free beer for those 21 and over. Taste as many great chili recipes as you’d like, and purchase a container to take home your favorite for your next-day Superbowl party. 5k and 10k courses are certified and timing is provided by Palmetto Running Company. Race registration is available at:

 Beaufort's first Couch to 5k program kicks off again